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Best Dark Kitchen Cabinets Designs & Ideas

Best Dark Kitchen Cabinets Designs & Ideas

Dark is not bad all the time. When it comes to dark kitchen cabinets, dark will sure mean elegant kitchen. The strong combat between black kitchen cabinets and white kitchen cabinets in modern designs is constant. So the designers tried to add some new combatants to the simple kitchen cabinets designs field.  They used other dark colors to make a balance between black & white.

Dark kitchen cabinets

dark kitchen cabinets types

We have collected different design options that include the dark colors that you can consider for your kitchen and achieve a harmonious and functional stay that many seek to achieve.

Small Kitchens

new dark kitchen cabinets

Before deciding to incorporate dark cabinet in the kitchen you have to consider the size of the kitchen. As we know the dark tones absorb the light and will look more compact than it truly is. If the kitchen is small, you have one option is to balance this dark tone with a lighter, generally neutral, like beige, white or cream. So also complement the design with appropriate functional or decorative lighting with metallic details for example.

Large kitchens

cool dark kitchen cabinets

For large kitchens, space issue is not a problem. The idea is to get the proper distribution of the dark kitchen cabinets in a way that suits the colors of the walls and according to the scale of the kitchen.

dark kitchen cabinets ideas

Dark brown cabinets

dark kitchen cabinets ideas

A dark brown kitchen as the predominant tone is a great choice to create a warm, elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

large dark kitchen cabinets

It is common to find dark brown cabinets in the kitchens and families may adopt the dark brown color because it shines with elegance just by applying it on the cabinets and kitchen island.

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dark kitchen cabinets ideas

We will find glossy or matte finishes and of different materials such as those made from pure wood, combined with others of an artificial type such as MDF, metal or glass. Mixing materials in the cabinets can help create a contemporary and balanced environment.

Dark gray kitchen cabinets

new dark kitchen cabinets

With dark gray kitchen cabinets, Avoid using the bright colors on the walls, as the visual contrast between walls and cabinets can be overwhelming. It is best to go with pastel, light or medium tones.

small dark kitchen cabinets

If you want to give a modern touch to your kitchen, contrast the colors. For example, if the cabinets are dark gray or black, try deep red or green walls with white decorative vinyl.

Dark red, green and blue cabinets

dark kitchen cabinets types

With dark red, green or blue cabinets choosing the right colors for the walls and floor is essential. These colors are considered as bold colors for cabinets so, using the white color on the walls and floor is ideal.

large dark kitchen cabinets


nice dark kitchen cabinets

Good lighting is very important when there are predominant dark tones in the decoration. For this reason, functional lights folded in the ceiling or on the top of the kitchen cabinets will help. Also, you can use pendant ceiling lamps that focus on the predominant part of the room and decorate it.

dark kitchen cabinets lighting

Materials with refracting finishes such as glass and metal duplicate the artificial and natural light of the kitchen. They are ideal to incorporate in a kitchen in dark tones.

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large dark kitchen cabinets

To achieve a sophisticated atmosphere in the kitchen, there is no better combination than applying a good durable worktop like marble in a light color.

dark kitchen cabinets decoration

But if your budget is tight, there are other varieties of natural stone or imitation like granite or slate that can fascinate and beautify your kitchen along with the dark kitchen cabinets.

The decoration

dark kitchen cabinets ikea

A kitchen decorated only in neutral tones can look monotonous and boring. One solution to create visual dynamism into dark tone kitchens is to include other types of materials such as side table glass and metal central lamp in the kitchen and for the floor, you can always use a light color rug. In this way, the kitchen will look more attractive without losing the modern approach.

dark kitchen cabinets ikea

Choose some objects of color between warm and cold for vessels, kitchen appliance, curtains, among others

dark kitchen cabinets ideas

You can choose a beautiful kitchen dashboard design of a color or more mosaic tones to highlight this area and achieve the desired balance. Choosing one or two colors as a decorative accent will create greater visual appeal to the kitchen.


dark kitchen cabinets ideas


Modern dark kitchen cabinets today include various combinations of materials, some lighter, straight and linear cutting.

nice dark kitchen cabinets

This approach allows us to engage accent tones in cabinet doors and give a renewed image to the kitchen. so if you love dark kitchens do not hesitate of having one at your house.



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