Top 20 DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Don’t Know

DIY kitchen backsplash

Was thinking lately for a change in your kitchen backsplash but you keep worrying about the budget? You don’t have to worry anymore, once you start thinking out of the box and following our lead. We did the research for you, here’s a list of the best top twenty cool DIY kitchen backsplash!

sharpie diy kitchen backsplash ideas Easily paint subway tiles with your sharpie and have the fastest makeover to your kitchen backsplash

DIY kitchen backsplash ideas

diy kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget

Maps? Yes! I never thought of this either, but it looks pretty good actually. In fact, you can run with the idea however you’d like. You can use wrapping paper or magazine covers instead of maps.

stainless steel diy kitchen backsplash

Subway stainless steel is one cheap and effortless DIY kitchen backsplash. Cut your tiles with a diamond wet saw and use construction adhesive to hold the stainless steel tiles to the wall.

affordable DIY kitchen backsplash

This DIY backsplash project is the hardest of all. Yet it turned out a stunning makeover to the whole kitchen. So it’s worth the mention really. This mosaic stainless steel would absolutely bring uniqueness and character into your kitchen. However, you’ll need a hand in measuring and getting the project done. Take in mind that you’d have to measure, cut and place the tiles on the top, bottom, sides and near outlets.

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garden stone diy kitchen backsplash

The stones won’t cost you more than $2.50 for the square foot. If you buy stones to fill the kitchen walls above your cabinets it should cost around $75.

Use a double sided adhesive sticker so that you place it on the walls and start tiling your stones, and you can take rest whenever.

After you finish putting up your tiles, cover it with grout. And once the grout has dried, just wipe the excesses off with a damp sponge and scrub away any grout stains.


I’m guessing you’ve never thought of using wine corks as a kitchen backsplash before. I know! From the looks of it, it could be pretty hard to DIY! But with DecorationY nothing is far from hand.

First of all, you’ll need lots & lots of wine corks, a scroll saw 1 to 4-inch Plywood, Utility knife, Plastic outlet extenders, 1 quart of contact cement, Finishing nails, 3/4 cans of Clear spray sealant, and Clear caulk.

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You’ll need to cut the corks vertically in half, like this:

wine cork diy kitchen backsplash

Remove the outlet covers & cut holes for them on the plywood before setting it up. Now you’ll have to measure the wall, cut the plywood and place it. With the contact cement, adhere your corks to the plywood. You’ll start by applying a small amount of cement to a section of the plywood, let dry. Now adhere the wine corks to them also using contact cement. By pressing on as you apply the corks, that’ll activate the adhesive. Finally, let everything dry… Repeat the process for every plywood template till you finish your makeover.

Take a look at this DIY kitchen backsplash gallery to gain some more ideas and pick up your favorite style:


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