Home Interior Design Kitchen 2018 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Ideas

2018 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Ideas

2018 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Today we want to present you some fabulous u shaped kitchen designs. The characteristic of this type of designs is that the kitchen furniture extends across three of the walls to form the letter U, in this way space is best used and the center of the kitchen will be clear to move freely.

U shaped kitchen designs

u shaped kitchen designs with island

U shaped kitchen designs are quite efficient designs for a small kitchen. Also, they are perfect when using them for large kitchens.

amazing u shaped kitchen designs

There are plenty of u shaped kitchen designs. They are practical and work perfectly with any kitchen. It adapts to the space available at home, maximizing every inch and taking advantage of places for cabinets, and shelves without hindering fluidity. And it is one of the best options for distributing kitchens. U shaped kitchen designs makes the utensils always at hand, and the appliances are reached easily and you can keep control over all possible situations.

U shaped kitchen with island

u shaped kitchen designs with island

Some U-shaped kitchens could be big enough to place an island in the middle to provide more work surface, storage below or seating for more people. So, if your kitchen has enough area to install an island, first of all, congratulations. The island can work as an extra worktop and also could be an informal dining area and a place to do homework or other sit-down projects. It is also a suitable place for guests to gather and enjoy a meal.

u shaped kitchen designs with island

U shaped kitchen, lends itself to many styles, details, and dimensions, integrating islands to the center or using a part to add one of the breakfast nook ideas. This design can also include a large kitchen island or a table inside the kitchen but it is only possible when you have a fairly large kitchen or if you use a folding table, which you can use and store when needed.

U-shaped kitchen Ideas & Tips

For a functional and simple kitchen, you need to have the necessary equipment, such as the stove, refrigerator, and sink. No matter your size, the u-shaped kitchen is a great choice. and check these ideas if you are thinking about L-shaped kitchens with modern designs.

  • The best option to leave the space well functional is to try to make the appliances available.
u shaped kitchen designs ideas
  • Usually, the sink and refrigerator are on the same wall. One suggestion is to use the cooktop stove as it occupies a smaller worktop.
  • A large part of how big a kitchen feels depends on how the lighting is. Create multiple light sources, preferably in the form of light rays or spots. It gives a deeper feel to the kitchen. Have free surfaces around windows so that the light is really emitted.
cool u shaped kitchen designs
  • If the space of your kitchen is ample, take advantage of the kitchen island and try to incorporate some high chairs and modern pendants lightings in the island to give more joy to the environment.
  • . Another way to boost the kitchen is to attach hanging cabinets to the countertop and opt for built-in appliances.

U shaped kitchen colors

u shaped kitchen designs ideas

If you choose u shaped kitchen designs to use in your kitchen you must consider the size of the kitchen. So, if it was a small kitchen you may want to go for the light colors. But the choices will be more if your kitchen was of medium and large sizes, here you can’t limit yourself to choose an only light palette that is known to be visually expanding the space. Enjoy using your favorite dark colors or you can decide to make a contrasting combination of dark and light colors.

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U shaped kitchen decoration

u shaped kitchen designs ideas

As for the decorations of u shaped kitchens, you will surely enjoy the variety of choices that you can use in such design. If it was a small kitchen you can use open cabinets, cabinet’s door of mirrors, spotlights, shiny appliances, colorful rugs and for the kitchen window you can use transparent curtains.

large u shaped kitchen designs

If the kitchen is large and you decided to have a kitchen island you can add a natural touch to the place if you used some flower pots or plants to decorate the kitchen island. You can add some stools that match the island and the design of the kitchen to use the place for dining and to have a nice time eating some snacks.

Last words

cool u shaped kitchen designs

U shaped kitchen designs will give you many options to show your personality in the decorations. you can keep it plain and hide all cooking objects inside the cabinets or you can use your imagination to add some elements that will add warmth, comfort, and love to the place that you will spend a lot of time using it, like nice rug, cool curtains, colorful cabinets, or some of the magnetic toys on the fridge for nice morning notes.



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