8 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Let’s get on reading these bedroom lighting ideas, update our bedroom lighting, and enjoy our dreamy bedroom! Today, a bedroom isn’t only for sleeping or reading – we do a huge punch of activities in our bedrooms. Though it’s a bad habit, but let’s just face the fact! For we know and also live with this fact, we offer you some significant ideas to enlighten your bedroom effectively & enjoy whatever your activities are. Meanwhile, we are going to tackle bedroom lighting ideas generally, and dark bedroom lighting ideas particularly. Scroll down if you want to achieve the most functional lighting schemes.

Elegant bedroom lighting ideas

Bedroom lighting ideas chic & fantasy

As you know, the bedroom lighting depends on both the type of lamps & fixtures you prefer and the required lighting in your bedroom. As for the various bedroom designs, each requires different lighting schemes. At this point, we happen to have some bedroom lamps designs that will adjust and add a magical atmosphere to your dreamy bedroom interior design.

Bedroom lighting tips

1# For a classical traditionary style, consider having two table lamps beside each bed’s side. This lighting design adds a sense of balance and harmony to your room. The two-table style is so recommended for couples who read before sleep or are used to reading in their bedrooms, or even if you are used to working on the bed. As an additional lighting, you can have a ceiling fixture to balance and extend the lighting for morning activities.

2# Amongst the best bedroom lighting ideas there’s this one I personally prefer, it’s called the multiple arms lamp. I think it’s durable and practical as it will give you a clear vision to focus on your reading without suffering a headache before sleep. It’s also so functional in the mornings, say goodbye to “the room is shady” every day feeling!

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3# The below incredible style of bedroom lighting lamps is called pendant lamps. This style is so simple and humble. It provides full lighting with a really simple style you can barely notice the three fixtures in the picture below. Again, this is another style I highly recommend. You will not need to add lamp tables beside your bed, or if you do, there would be a free space for your night reading books, medicine, water. Consider the free space you’d feel! Hence, this type of lighting will save a great space and make the atmosphere clearer!

4# Wall lights are a sophisticating choice for your bedroom, especially when they are directed to the ceiling to spread the light all over the room. Beside this, wall lamps accessorize your bedroom, particularly if you would like to pay attention to a specific wall art in your bedroom.

5# Floor lamps would suit your bedroom if you do not like more lights in your room, as well they easily spread the lights in your room. This type is designed especially for a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom lighting ideas floor lamps

Floor lamp - bedroom lighting ideas

Dark Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Besides the spring 2017 color trends, dark bedroom colors are fashionable nowadays. Since the darkness of dark color schemes gives warm and cozy effect to the room, most homeowners go for them. But they forget the smaller rooms get as darker their color is. It’s more like a cave-like feeling you need to avoid by always keeping a good lighting in your room.

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1# If your room furniture is dark, take my word and paint the ceiling with white, you will notice a great difference in your room.

2# To add a festive color to your dark walls, you can change the accent wall of your room to a light one, and to it flowers or leaves paints.

3# To more brightness, use windows from which the natural light will pass through. To keep the privacy, you could airy, creamy or canvas curtains, and avoid using wooden or plastic blinds that curb all lights.

4# Do not use fluorescent lamps, but artificial ones that look more pleasant. In addition, add strategic floor lamps with colored light shades that spread the light all over the room.

5# Add knickknacks, artwork or books collection towards your room’s dark walls to brighten it up. Also, you can accessorize your room with light plants as well.

6# Consider adding airy mirrors with light frames. This results in a larger room effect with cool brightness and vividness.

Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Take a look at this collection of the latest inspiration ideas for bedroom lighting that will be perfect for the latest bedroom color schemes 2017, Find out modern bedroom lighting ideas that will help you achieve the room lighting of your dreams.

Lets us know your feedbacks and suggestions, we’re always willing to improve!

Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas 2017

Bright Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting 2017

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas 2017

Modern Bedroom Lighting

Creative Bedroom Lighting Ideas


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