25 Blue and Brown Bedrooms Decor & Designs

If you want to completely renovate your bedroom or make minor changes, and if you have not yet decided on the color, we recommend you to check out some of these blue and brown bedrooms ideas.


Blue and brown bedrooms

blue and brown bedrooms ideas

While blue represents peace, calm and trust, also, it has a calming, restful and peaceful effect on humans. The color brown refers to nobility and peace symbols. For this reason, the bedrooms are at the top of the places that are best suited for them. But the proportion of dark blues should be used as little as possible, and since the light shades of brown are also called warm color, they should be used together in order to create a cozy effect.

blue and brown bedrooms ideas

In the environment where the brown is, people feel very comfortable. If you want a very warm environment, you should definitely add brown to your decoration. Blue, as well as brown, is the most suitable color for the bedroom.

Blue and brown bedrooms ideas

blue and brown bedrooms pinterest
Blue Bedroom Design With Dark Brown colors thepartizans.org

By balancing the blue and brown colors with one another, you can create a bedroom decoration where you will feel comfortable, peaceful, calm and happy. To inspire you, we have brought together the blue and brown bedrooms ideas.

Brown and blue bedrooms

amazing blue and brown bedrooms
blue bedrooms 2018 design with brown integration.livinator.com

The fascinating combination of brown and blue proves that contrasting colors work well together. Decorate your bedroom with this color scheme and you will give your home a modern look. Brown furniture provides grounding for the light blue decor, while the blue adds a moody touch to your interior design style.

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blue and brown bedrooms ideas
dark blue bedroom and brown vintage or country-house design. ed-ex.me

The color combination brings a retro flair, so you can easily decorate the bedroom with vintage furniture. To add a strong contrast to blue and brown furniture, choose traditional dark-wood types of furniture, such as a side table and cabinet. The light shade of white color will add a contemporary, modern look to the room. Coordinate the overall picture by laying fluffy white carpets on the parquet floor.

Light blue and brown bedrooms

new blue and brown bedrooms

If you decided to use blue and brown in your bedroom you will surely enjoy the decoration process. If you have brown furniture, choose a blanket and cushions with light blue and white geometric patterns for a refined look. If you have chosen blue furniture, create accessories with a brown and white design. The combination of brown and blue has a cool, retro appeal, so you can decorate the bedroom with vintage-inspired deco elements. Hang a silver antique clock or buy a light blue table lamp reminiscent of the fifties era.

How to combine brown and blue in the bedroom?

blue and brown bedrooms pinterest

Blue and brown bedrooms have a unique and elegant appearance, but combining the two colors correctly is the way to apply the uniqueness and elegantly in the blue and brown bedrooms. It is interesting that such a color scheme will refresh the bedroom in the summer, and in the winter will remind you of the sea and the sun. To add a fresh look to the bedroom, it is worth turning to gentle combinations. For example, use sky-blue as the primary color, and mix it with pleasant shades of light wood, clay or sand. Or do exactly the opposite, changing the color schemes in some places. In both cases, the effect will be positive.

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blue and brown bedrooms pnterest

In the bedroom, combinations of brown and blue can be used in bed linens, curtains, upholstery furniture. This is an excellent option for a seasonal renovation of the interior. But here you need to remember that bright turquoise shades can invigorate the colors in the blue and brown bedrooms. They should be used in less quantity when mixed with a noble brown color. As additional shades that go well with both brown and blue, you can use the colors, white, orange and green.

The decor of the blue and brown bedrooms

blue and brown bedrooms pinterest

To get the best decoration for blue and brown bedrooms, large curtains are suitable. Designers suggested using a large number of decorative pillows, textiles, carpets, and rugs. The picture will be supplemented with art paint works or photos in a nice frame hanged on the walls. The lighting luminaries at the head of the bed, or on the bedside tables will provide the warm feeling in the bedroom.

light blue and brown bedrooms 20
Brown bed and blanket with Blue bedroom wall.houzz.com

Even a chandelier on the ceiling must match the general atmosphere of the interior and should be matched to the chosen style of the bedroom. An elegant mirror in a copper frame on the wall will testify on the excellent taste of the owner and will increase the light in the bedroom.


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