10 Tips for a Fun but Attractive Kid’s Bedroom

Attractive Kid’s Bedroom

Once your children are ready to have their own bedrooms, they will definitely be excited to have properly designed bedrooms made in accordance with their interests and likes. You will be equally excited about the prospect of making your child happy by decorating his or her bedroom. Obviously, the first thing you should do is find out from your child what his or her needs are and then you should conceptualize how you will pull it off. Think of what you already have and what you still have to acquire.


Depending on the bedroom’s theme, it could be either affordable or expensive. It is your duty to prepare a budget sufficient enough to give your children the bedroom of their needs. However, when designing your child’s bedroom, you should remember that the design of the room will have to be modified as your child grows up. A teenager would never fancy the idea of sleeping in a childish bedroom. If you want to design a child’s bedroom that will bring happiness to your children, here are a few tips to help you out.



  1. Brightly Colored Window Treatments


Use brightly colored curtains for your child’s bedroom. Ensure that the colors you choose match the motif of the whole bedroom. Brightly colored window treatments are advisable since they give the room a cleaner and sharper look. To reduce the amount of light coming from overhead during the day, you can use a valance. You can also have a shade to be used in the evenings. The shade should have a color that complements that of the room.


  1. Children’s Toys as Décor in the Bedroom
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Children’s toys are colorful and come in different shapes and sizes. You can use them as decorations for your rooms. This approach helps you save storage space by using hooks for hanging large toys and open shelves for small toys. It looks particularly amazing especially if the toys are properly arranged.


  1. Paints and Prints

For the bedroom walls, you can choose brightly colored paint and combine it with some prints. Besides the walls, you can use that paint for cabinets along with other accents. Instead of using prints, you can try using a mural or add a colourful wallpaper decal to the wall. Let it reflect your child’s favorite theme such as race cars, flowers, and others.


  1. Room-Fitting Fabrics

For the beddings in your child’s bedroom, you should try using fabrics that match the theme of the room. Select the bedding wisely so that it matches the overall theme of the room and provides comfort. Mix and match pillows, sheets, as well as comforters. You can even have additional pillows just for accent. Besides that, you should also try matching the curtains, which gives the room a unified look.


  1. Ceiling Decorations
kids room ceiling decorations
source: ourfifthhouse.com

You can easily make the ceiling conform to the taste of your child by decorating it using glow in the dark items. Your child will start enjoying staring at it when he or she is just about to sleep. It will seem as if he or she is gazing at the night stars.


  1. Educational Pieces

Avoid just sticking with the design. Ensure that you place items that could aid your child’s learning such as educational toys, charts, and books. If you do this, your child will have fun while he or she learns.

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  1. Photo Decorations
kids room wall portrait decorations
source: myparadissi.com

Use pictures of your child’s fondest memories for decorating. You can include pictures captured while on vacation, while your child was participating in school activities, among others. You can use the photos to create an accent wall using such photos framed in different sizes.


  1. Innovative Storage
storage ideas for kids room
source: parents.com

Storage spaces in your child’s bedroom are important for keeping your child’s things organized. Allocate different areas for clothes, books, and toys. Train your child to return the items they take and teach them the importance of being organized and how to be organized.


  1. Floor Coverings
2018 floor coverings for kids room
source: builddirect.com

Your children will definitely crawl on the floor to play. So, place a broadloom to protect their hands, knees, feet, and other parts of the body. Use a broadloom carpet that suits the body’s design. You have many options to choose from when it comes to the floor coverings. You can even use rubber mats in place of carpets.


  1. Lampshades
lampshade for kid's rooms 2018
source: kidsomania.com

Use a lampshade to give enough light to your child’s bedroom. The lampshade can even be used as a decoration for the bedroom. Decorative lamps that have creative shades can be used for your child’s bedroom. However, you can still get plain lampshades and then decorate them yourself.

Some designs are sophisticated and elegant. However, irrespective of the decoration you choose, the most important thing is the love and care that can be reflected in the amount of time and hard work you dedicate to working on your child’s room.


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