10 Cozy bedroom bohemian style gives you a feeling of warmth

Bohemian Style

The fact that the Bohemian style inspire us the summer adventures with pictures of girls with long hair, covered with jewelry or dress or pants, platform cowboy boots! It’s simple, we want to go in a convoy!

Fortunately, we can alter these images, this energy, and the environment in which we live to bear the touch of warmth from the Sun throughout the year. Today on our blog ” DecorationY” share with you 10 masterpieces cozy bedroom interior design in boho chic style for more warmth .
boho style bedroom

Bohemian style is not too complicated, just a mixture of many influences. Combined with Cowboys and Indians, Orientals, and mixing the colors of the desert and the sea, Eastern spirit affected by Paris and Gipsy style, Indian fabrics and North Africa.

vintage bedroom bohemian style

Boho style relies on simplicity in everything, and use simple purposes in homes to make special style, Bohemian bedroom could be a special case in your home receive the admiration of many.

Bedroom Bohemian Style

cozy bedroom

You can create a warm ambiance even with cool colors! Is warmth populated room, fill the stylish collection and unique objects: travel bag, indispensable elements of nature, as it brings on the beach, jungle, desert like bones and skins, wood, feathers, stones, plants and light with large Windows.

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bohemian style decor

This model is simpler to bedrooms, Bohemian designs that can be for any guy to do it in his room, just light branch used as a wall ornament shape, with simple white furnishings, which give a sense of comfort, while retaining the brown wood wall décor. light branch can be highlighted in the room.


boho chic bedroom

This model tends to the houses of the villages and the countryside, where traditional colors lacquered doors without perfecting paint, and vintage wooden dresser,  and black & purple furnishings colors filled with roses, inspire the spirit of optimism and differences in the design of the room, and the simple form of Bohemian lights remain beauty in designs. The room door with simple color and furnishings in bright colors.

boho bedroom

This simple model of a Bohemian bedroom with white furniture and unique swing with white fur furnishings. And put the Mummy head deer and animals on the wall to blending nature jungle in the room.

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beautiful bedroom ideas

Use brightly colored In Indian fabrics one of the Bohemian style features and produce give a feeling so warm in the room and look sleek and attractive.

bedroom bohemian style

Art and Roses are the proper name for this model that featured with functional elements in everything, the beginning of frames, furnishings placed on the bed, which resembles a large painting, collage of several small plates, with bright colors and distinctive although dark Gradation inside it. frames characteristic and attractive colors in the design.

bohemian bedroom

simple wooden headboard in this model with the white furnishings and gray wall painting give a more simple look.

bohemian decor

Use The brown color with drawings of Indian fabrics and simple swing design to relax the room became beautiful and simple bedroom Bohemian style .



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