What Do Carson City Nursing Homes Offer

Carson city nursing homes have been the best caregiver as they offer 24/7 medical and nursing services of the highest quality.

Our nursing homes provide residents with a high level of health care (well-trained nurses, post-operative support, physical and psychological therapy and more).
We aim to help seniors having a comfortable life and to make them get back to normal life as soon as possible.

A Nursing Home Is:

It is a facility for older adults who need medical care throughout the day, it provides them with monitors to keep track of their vital signs, nurses to help them with their average daily habits and to take care of them medically.

Nursing homes don’t only offer medical care, they also provide their residents with social activities to make them get better psychologically, these activities may include art classes, watching movies, and chatting sessions

They have special departments for mentally diseased persons (Alzheimer, Memory loss .. etc.).
Everything there is done according to a plan. Sleeping and waking up have a specific time.

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Who Can Join Carson City Nursing Homes?

Anyone who needs a moderate level of medical care (not only older adults) can join the facility.

Mainly, the residents have some sort of disability (physical or mental) which makes them unable to do their average daily habit by themselves, such as eating, dressing, having a shower.

Nursing homes are for people who need medical care but aren’t qualified to get to a hospital.

Nursing Homes vs Senior Group Homes?

Nursing homes are a bit different from senior group homes, which are suitable for independent older adults.

Nursing homes accept people who have medical conditions (recovering from a disease, suffering from a chronic illness .. etc).

Some departments have specialized medical equipment (Such as breathing & dialysis machine, monitors), which aren’t normally found in a senior group home.

What Do Carson City Nursing Homes Offer?

• A Private room for everyone.
• 3 meals per day, with an assistant if needed.
• Assistants to help residents with their normal habits (dressing, having a shower).
• Medication schedule.
• Needed therapies (mental therapy, physical therapy).
• Nurses available 24/7.
• Laundry.
• Regular social activities.

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How Much Do Nursing City Cost In Carson City, NV?

The cost of nursing homes is higher than in senior group homes. Nursing homes cost varies, this can be determined based on the services the home offers, the condition of the patient, the duration he will stay, and the type of room needed (private or semi-private).
Typically, Carson city nursing homes cost ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 per month.

Nursing homes offer high-quality medical care for patients who aren’t qualified for hospital admission, and for older adults who need personal care throughout the day.

They have the necessary facilities and equipment to take care of urgent and chronic conditions.

All that and more for a price starting from $2,000 per month.

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