Nursing Homes In Reno: Perfect Health Care Ever

Nursing homes in Reno, NV have been developed in the last few years by the new rules of the government.

Now, they have a very regulated schedule with a higher level of health care to take care of the ill seniors who can’t eat, dress, or bathe on their own.

The level of service in nursing homes is much higher than in the senior group homes because nursing homes are taking care of seniors’ personal habits (like feeding) while group homes residents are comparably independent.

Who Should Stay in Nursing Homes in Reno, NV?

Nursing home residents are mostly an 85-year-old adult or older, who can’t do the normal daily activities independently because of a disability or a disease.
About 90% of the residents can’t even walk on their own, they need someone to help them standing or walking, also, about 50% of them can’t fully control their urine or feces.

How Long Should They Stay In a Nursing Home?

It varies according to the condition of the adults, some people live there for about 90 days only (or even less), but most of the residents stay there for the rest of their lives.
We noticed that residents’ health condition gets better as they stay due to the health care nursing homes offer to them (about 50% are released after 12 months).

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When To Decide Living There?

Many factors suggest going to live in a nursing home, Such as:

• Old Age: People older than 85-year-old need help in their normal daily activities.
• Lack of Family Support: if the senior doesn’t have a spouse or offspring.
• Physical Or Mental Disability: this can interfere with the normal habit (like eating, dressing, walking .. etc.).
• Disease With Repeated Emergencies: some disease has urgent symptoms, nursing homes has the facilities to deal with these conditions (breathing machine, medications .. etc).

What Do Nursing Homes In Reno, NV Offer?

Nursing homes have a skillful staff to take care of their residents, and some nursing homes have medical care similar to the hospitals as the later release people shortly after surgeries.

Medical services of NH include:

1. Skilled Nurses.
2. Special care of musculoskeletal system (bone, joint or muscle disease).
3. Tools and medication for breathing problems.
4. Post-operative care (after surgery).
5. Psychological and physical therapy.
6. Antibiotics and emergency medications.
Nursing homes offer more than medical services, they organize offsite activities, social activities and more.

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How Much Do Nursing Homes Cost?

The nursing homes cost varies according to the facilities they have, the condition of the resident, and the medical care and other services they offer.
In General, nursing homes can cost from $1,500 to $10,500 per month in Reno, NV.

Is one of your beloveds a senior who can’t handle his daily activities alone? If yes, nursing homes in Reno NV can take care of them at an affordable price and you won’t have to worry anymore about their health condition.

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