Home Tips Senior Group Homes in Reno, NV: The Best Facility in The City

Senior Group Homes in Reno, NV: The Best Facility in The City

Senior Group Homes in Reno, NV: The Best Facility in The City

Do you know a senior who lives alone? Are you a senior yourself? Either way, don’t worry! Even if you aren’t qualified to live in a nursing home, we will be able to live in one of the best senior group homes in Reno, NV.

We know that living alone at home may be very isolating, especially for seniors, and they always would like to have a company that group homes provide.

Is a Nursing Home The Only Solution?

Of course NOT! Nursing homes provide a higher level of care and more services in comparison with senior group homes, these services include helping you having a shower, taking meds and feeding.

If you can do all these things alone then it won’t be necessary for you to live in a nursing home and the senior group home will be more than enough.


What is a Senior Group Home?

This is a suitable environment for seniors to live together, but without the personal care that is provided by nursing homes.

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The residents are nearly independent. As they eat, take medications, bathe, and dress by themselves.

But these facilities prepare meals, do laundry, set reminders, plan events and more for seniors, to make the environment similar – as much as possible – to the ordinary home.


What Do Senior Group Homes in Reno, NV Provide?

Group homes provide a lot of services for seniors which may include :

  • A Safe home-like place with independency to the seniors.
  • Meals are served throughout the day.
  • They remind the residents at a certain time to take medications.
  • Some homes provide hair care services.
  • Off-site events for groups of residents.
  • Periodically laundry.


How Much Do Senior Group Homes Cost?

The cost of a group home varies according to its location, the provided services, and its size.

Generally, People can pay from $2,000 to $5500 (per month) to live in a group home.

This cost includes the services the home offers (Like serving meals, laundry, residence and more!).

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The group home provides the same services as the assisted living facility at nearly the same price. What is the difference, then? The size, group homes host from five to ten residents only, but assisted living facilities host more than 100 people.


Why Should I Choose Senior Group Homes Reno NV?

Reno is known as “The Biggest Little City in The World” as its population has grown so fast because of its attractive places, where tourists and residents meet together.

The group home residents will be able to visit casinos and other areas to enjoy their time by themselves or together according to the home management plans.



Seniors group homes in Reno NV are the best solution for any senior who lives alone because group homes offer a residence, meals, laundry and much more at an affordable cost.


In Your Opinion, Which Service Should They Add To The Senior Group Homes To Make It Better? Tell Us In a Comment!


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