Find out new water pool maintenance ideas

If you own a pool, this info will change everything you know about water pool and pool service.


If you currently have a pool maintenance company, their primary goal is to spend as little time as possible at your pool.


This is not me bashing or ranting, this is just reality.

Their secondary goal is to use the bare minimum.

It’s simple. If they can cut back on time and cost, they make more money.

Now you know why so many pool owners can’t find a pool service provider that their happy with.

theres some great news though.

Check out how these options for the ultimate pool water can completly change the game and
when combined, can produce outstanding results.

​1- UV systems – Ultraviolet can sterilize pool water without chemicals.
If you remember the Ebola outbreak of 2014, a UV robot named “Saul” made his debut and did not disappoint.

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“Saul” the UV robot, made by a San Antonio based company called Xenex, proved to in fact be a literal killing machine.

It’s been well documented that UV is an incredibly heavy hitter pertaining to disinfection.
Multiple medical studies have shown that UV can disinfect at an extremely effective level that is changing the way hospitals are viewing disinfection and even the use of bleach (chlorine).
It’s the real deal!

2 – AFM (Activated Filter Media) – glass filtration media that can be put into a standard sand filter in place of the sand. This stuff filters down to 4 microns, prevents algae, prevents biofilm, recharges with backwash, and it actually never needs to be replaced. Yes, it will outlast your filter.

3 – Mineral Induction Combination Systems – combine anti-microbial minerals into the pool water that automatically deliver bacteria and algae-fighting minerals in combination with optimized chlorine for a cleaner, more comfortable pool water that doesn’t require daily maintenance.

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4 – Centrifugal Water Pre-Filtration – a revolutionary new stage process which captures 80% of the dirt load before it ever reaches your filter. The separated solids are collected in a collection chamber while the clean water is directed out of the pre-filter. Pre-filters can reduce maintenance by over 75%, minimize filter wear, reduce backwashing by over 50%, which keeps water and chemicals in the pool. This saves water which is always a good thing for the environment and your water bill.


So, there you have it.
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