How To Choose The Right Building Sand For Your Landscaping Project

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There are a few different types of building sand, but you’ll have no problem picking the right one with a little insider knowledge.

If you’re about to embark on a landscape redesign, it’s so important to pick the right sand for the task at hand.

There are four main types of building sand out there, and each one lends itself well to different jobs and applications. To help you pick the right one for you and your garden, here’s a quick beginner’s guide to building sand.


Plastering sand

Plastering sand is a clean, washed sand that feels markedly different to other kinds of building sands thanks to its extremely fine grain. This delicate texture means that it is perfect for creating a totally smooth surface on walls. It’s a multi-purpose product, as it can be used for rendering walls and brickwork as well as plastering. It’s not recommended that you use plastering sand for heavy-duty projects, as it doesn’t have quite enough grit in it to go the distance.


Building sand

General building sand is an all-round hero and is an essential component of most landscaping jobs. Its even grittiness makes it very versatile, and it can be used for a wide range of projects. Building sand is the main ingredient in mixing mortar, so it’s important to invest in a good quality sand to ensure any building work in your garden stands the test of time. As you’d guess from the name, it’s most commonly used in bricklaying, making it perfect for garden walls.

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Sharp sand

When you’re shopping for sand for your landscaping project, sharp sand is a product that you will come across quite a lot. This sand is a lot grittier than building sand and plastering sand, and is normally used on jobs where strength and durability is the priority. It can be used for concreting and screeding, although its most common use is as a base for laying stone paving. It can also be used as a dressing for lawns or in compost to aid the movement of moisture.


Play pit sand

If you want to make your garden child-friendly, then it’s a great idea to invest in some play pit sand. You should always buy sand that is specifically made for play pits, as it will be washed, dried and sieved to produce a sand that is non-toxic and perfectly safe for little ones to play in. Once you’re fully stocked up on sand, you can create a fun, beautiful and safe play area that your children will love.

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Planning is key

When you are buying sand for your landscaping project, it’s vital that you do your research first. Consult a landscaping professional if you aren’t sure about the materials you’ll need to complete a particular feature, as any mistakes that you make now could prove to be costly! The more effectively you plan your landscaping project, the less you will spend and the less unpleasant surprises you will run into. Think carefully about your garden’s new scheme and explore a variety of different options before you settle on your final choice of design.


Shop with confidence

Hopefully you’ve learnt a lot from our guide and will now feel confident when you’re shopping for the right sand for your garden project. High quality building sand will help you to bring your visions to life and create an outdoor space that’s perfect for you and your family.


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