Preparing Your Furnace System for Winter

As winter approaches the region, you likely find yourself bundling up in extra layers. You ditch the jeans, throw on a sweater, and crank up the heating system. But alas, your heating system doesn’t produce the heat you so desperately need right now. Something has gone wrong. Did you remember to prepare your furnace for winter? Too few homeowners remember to schedule annual maintenance or a tune-up before the cold weather hits the area. You’re in luck. Here is how to prepare your furnace for winter!

Preparing Furnace System for Winter

Preparing Your Furnace


Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your furnace system for the coming winter.

Replace air filters – We typically recommend replacing your air filter monthly. However, some homeowners replace their filters at the start of each season. Before winter, be sure to swap out the old air filter for a brand-new one to increase efficiency and heating capabilities.


Duct Maintenance – When you think of your heating system, you imagine the actual furnace unit. Most of us ignore the ductwork. Well, over time, your air ducts may develop cracks or accumulate debris. Such occurrences lead to reduced efficiency and cold patches throughout the house. Consider having an expert inspect the ducts and perform repairs as needed.

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Tune-Up – Your furnace likely has not been touched since last winter. Now is the perfect time to test the system and complete a thorough tune-up. Listen for abnormal noises, such as banging sounds, and walk through each room to check for cold spots.


Safety – Your heating system is a potential fire hazard with the right conditions. If you have any clutter blocking vents, remove it all promptly. Also, test for carbon monoxide regularly to avoid poisoning.


Visual Inspection – An often overlooked portion of the maintenance procedure, a visual inspection of your home’s heating system can make a world of difference. With a quick look, you can determine whether the unit is cluttered behind boxes, pooling water, or if there are other concerns.


Programmable Thermostat – These days homeowners are enjoying all the home advancements possible. One such tool is a programmable thermostat. You can program your new thermostat to turn on the furnace each morning, just before you roll out of bed, for a warm, comfortable home. You can also program the system to shut off when you leave for work, thereby saving money year-round.

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Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance


Many homeowners forego regular maintenance on their heating system. After all, the furnace is only on for a short period of the year, right? Well, that is where most homeowners are wrong. The longer your furnace sits without use, the worse condition it will likely be in the next time you turn on the system.


Here are a few key benefits of furnace maintenance before winter:

  • You can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%!
  • You’ll easily detect gas or carbon monoxide leaks in your home.
  • You remain within your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Your home will be warm and safe during the winter.


You can see here that scheduling furnace maintenance before the winter can have long-lasting benefits, far past just the cold winter months. Find a specialist near you to perform a tune-up today!


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