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Five Tips For Snowbirds In Arizona

Five Tips For Snowbirds In Arizona

If you live outside the state of Arizona and considering moving there during the winter months to enjoy the sunshine, we have a few tips for you that could make your experience even better. Some of this depends on whether you are going to rent a home or purchase a home. Snowbirds come to Arizona from as far north as Canada to get out of the snow and the cold and into some warmer temperatures from September through April. Regardless if you rent or decide to own property, these 5 tips will help make your experience a safe and enjoyable one.

1. Security is key to safety, knowing the area that you are buying or renting it will be important. There are a few ways you can go about doing this and turning to the internet may be the best choice. You can access local maps generated by the police department that identify areas of crime, making sure you are in a low crime area will be a step in the right direction. If you purchase a property, then you may consider setting up surveillance cameras and a home alarm system. This will be valuable if you live out of state and need to monitor the property. With newly purchased properties, you should change the locks and make sure all doors and windows are properly secured. If you are renting the property for the winter, do a thorough search of the interior to make sure it is free of cameras and other devices that may invade on your privacy.

2. Know where you are, and where you are going. When you arrive in Arizona you may feel lost while traveling because of the flat desert landscape. If you are coming from a state with large bodies of water or mountain ranges then you are familiar with having a point of reference when navigating local roads. In Arizona, there are few mountain ranges and water sources that can be used as a reference when navigating. If you are new to the area, we suggest you rely on GPS navigation and use Google maps on your smartphone. It would also be wise to store and save the phone numbers of local authorities, first responders, and other resources that you may need access to at a push of the button. You can visit (https://www.phoenix.gov/phone-directory) for contact information for local services in Phoenix. 

3. Before you move into the property for the winter, make sure that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly. If you have time before moving in to check the property for unwanted occupants this is also recommended. Often when homes sit vacant for long periods of time, rodents and insects have an opportunity to find their way into the residence and nest. You should check the garage for signs of rodent feces, and the attic space for roof rats, raccoons, and squirrels. The kitchen area should be free of food if the home is vacant, but cockroaches could still make their way through the plumbing and find their way onto your kitchen counters. If you move into a home in the Phoenix area, you will want to hire a professional extermination service that provides pest control in Phoenix. Local pest control companies are familiar with the insects and rodents that occupy the homes of snowbirds and have treatment solutions that will rid the property of the problem for the winter.

4. Meet your neighbors. Another way to feel safe during your winter stay in Phoenix is to meet your neighbors. Knowing the people that live around you is a great way to build community strength, make friends, and get a better feel of the people you are living among. Knowing your neighbors can also be beneficial if you own the home, having someone trustworthy living near your property can be convenient for property maintenance during the summer months. Quality neighbors can also help you keep an eye on the property for security reasons and notify you when anything or anyone unusual is on the property. Making friends is always a good idea, especially when it comes to investment properties in Phoenix Arizona.

5. Understand the heat! Even during the winter months, Arizona temperatures can rise above those you may be accustom to in your home state. Knowing how important it is to stay hydrated will keep you healthy and well while you visit. Dehydration can set in quick, so drinking water regularly is a great way to prevent dehydration from setting in. In Phoenix, temperatures can reach the 90’s in the early winter months and towards the end of the season, so depending on when you are here you will want to keep an eye out for that. Hiking and walking around in that temperature may not seem like much, but for those that are not used to living in the desert, those temperatures are warm enough to bring on dehydration. Carry plenty of water while you are living in Phoenix, keep water in your car, office, and plenty at home. If you have pets that will be living with you, make sure they have access to fresh water and shade at all times.

Moving to Arizona during the winter months is something that many Americans, Canadians, and members of other countries do. The Phoenix area is a welcoming city to outsiders and encourages tourism and travel. Not everyone has the luxury of being a snowbird, so if that is you we applaud your ability to travel during the winter months and enjoy the local accommodations that Phoenix has to offer.

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