Ceiling Lighting Tips You Don’t Want Miss

Ceiling Lighting

Whether you have a small property, big appartement or even a castle, you absolutely need ceiling lightings to light the place. However, not all ceiling lightings are appropriate for your property as your choice must depend on certain features regarding the space, quality and the modernity. Here, we will provide you with the best ceiling lighting tips which you may miss when choosing the best ceiling lightings.



The Types of Ceiling Lightings


There are two basic types of ceiling lightings including:

  • Flush mounts: These ceiling lights are attached to the ceils leaving a little even no space between the light fixture and the ceil.
  • Semi-flush: this kind of ceiling light is attached to the ceils with a stem keeping some distance between the light and the ceiling.

Flush mounts, as well as semi-flush mounts, provide the property with general illumination. They are versatile and capable of light the whole area even in high traffic areas. They.are also favorable in rooms with lower ceilings.

Additionally, flush mount and semi-flush ceiling lights are not the only types of ceiling lightings as you can find a gorgeous.selection of modern and classic styles that make each room a creative area. If you wanna put it in a utility room or hallway, you can choose a clean simple ceiling light. Just be ready to choose extraordinary lights for the bedrooms.

3 Ceiling lighting Tips We Always Forget

Before choosing the lights, you must consider some important features in addition to style and materials. Here are 3 simple specs to help you choose the right sized light fixture which is harmonious with the design and scale of your property.

To avoid overpowering or feeling oddly small, you have to make sure that the scale, clearance and spacing are set correctly.

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Scale:Diameter and Height

Let’s do this step before putting any furniture in the room.

Determine the height, length and width of a room. For example:

  • Diameter

To determine the diameter of the ceiling lighting which fits your place, measure, in feet, the length and width of the place then add them together. Change the value into inches. The total in inches is the perfect diameter.

  • Height

To determine the height of a ceiling lighting, measure the height of the room then multiply the height by 2.5″ to 3″ per foot. Change the value to inches to.get the perfect height for the ceiling lighting in your room.

You may also check the best ceiling lightings quality & prices on ceiling lighting miami to find what you are seeking for.

Clearance: How to Hang Ceiling Lightings?

Determining the hanging length of your ceiling lighting is also important and depends on the space of the room.

In living rooms and bedrooms or open foyers, use lightings providing 7 feet of clearance from the bottom of the light to the floor.

You can also hang chandeliers or pendants in open foyers and hallways, with at least 6″ higher than the door.

Make sure to keep 8 feet between the ceiling lighting and the top of the tub.


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Spacing: Where to Hang Lighting Fixtures

It is also so important to set the suitable spacing around and between the lights.

When placing a ceiling lighting in a dining room over a table, make sure to have between 28″ and 36″ between the bottom of the light and the table.

 kitchens, use pendants and mini pendants and make sure to keep equal space around each pendant.

The above notes can be applied on chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts and all other the ceiling lightings.


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