23 Outdoor Shower Ideas (Summertime!)

Outdoor Shower

The first thing comes to your mind when you hear about an outdoor shower, that it only fits on the beach. This idea must be corrected. What’s better than having a shower under the sunlight?


You can easily install a shower in your home garden or in the backyard. You would want it for several reasons:

  • Cleaning up after outdoor activities.
  • Or simply having a blessed shower in the open air!
  • It is also the perfect place to clean-up kids after playing all day outside.
  • An amazing solution to shower your dog without messing your bathroom.
  • And of course in case your home is on the beach or you own a swimming pool in your home.

Distinctive outdoor showers

DIY outdoor shower

DIY outdoor shower

Now you know the reasons why you want to install an open air shower in your home, and we’re here to offer you some ideas that will help you get an outdoor shower that suits your home style and.

You can choose between designs like:

  • The Contemporary shower.
  • The Traditional shower.
  • The tropical shower.
  • The modern shower.
  • The patio shower.

Outdoor shower ideas

outdoor shower

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You can install an open air shower no matter the size of your backyard. Here are several ideas for installing a simple shower in your home yard.

  • Use materials that suit the exterior design of the house.
  • You can use stone, wood, or metal to build an outdoor shower stall.
  • Make sure to connect the outdoor shower stall to the water drain.
  • Use any kind of hanger for wet clothes and another for the clean ones. A ladder, like shown in the below picture would do the job!
  • Connect the shower with a good water source.

You can always design the shower in your own way with an innovative touch of your imagination. Be creative, after all, it’s your house and you’re the boss! You want to have flourishing summer time outside the house, so why not make it extraordinary?!

DIY outdoor shower

outdoor shower

You can always use simple ideas to DIY your own unique shower; we will show you how to create a simple outdoor shower using easy items. See more of our tutorials.

  • Build the outdoor shower near pre-existing plumbing.
  • Choose a place where no one can see from the above.
  • You need some wooden fence posts to build the stall.
  • One garden hose to shower head adapter.
  • Find a shower head with a shut-off nozzle or buy one.
  • A rope is used to make a door handle.
  • Door hinges.
  • Some plastic hangers for hanging clothes.
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Install the wooden fence parts in Square shape; make the door using the door hinges and the rope for the door handle. Install the stall near the pre-existing plumbing. Connect the water to the hose with the shower head adapter. Install the plastic hangers on the outside of the shower stall.

diy-outdoor-showers-Garden Shower

Outdoor shower fixtures & outdoor shower kit

outdoor shower

It is easy to get the shower fixtures from plumbing stores and even online stores. The only thing that matters is your own pleasure. Once you’ve taken the decision to create your own outdoor shower, everything after is easy to happen. Having an outdoor shower in your home is a great thing so; enjoy your time building it as you’d prefer. See also this tutorial 

Outdoor shower ideas

2017 Outdoor Showers

Collection of latest outdoor shower ideas for 2017.


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