Top Secrets for a Better Girls Room Decor

Girls Room Decor

Girls room decor is no longer relegated to frilly beds and all over pink decorations. A girl’s bedroom nowadays can have a variety of colors and decorations as each girl favorites.

Through her childhood stages towards teenhood, her tastes may vary, and for every stage of your girl’s growing up, there’s a different style that you can use for teenage girl bedroom. You need these brilliant top secrets to get the perfect room makeover for your girl’s bedroom. Check out also: Modern Boys Room Ideas.

Girls room decorations - Top Secrets

Girls Room Wall Decor

Beautiful room decoration for a girl who loves beachlife

  • Decorate the wall using bookshelves, the colors and sizes of the books will help you get a distinctive wall design.
  • Do not stick to one color for all shelves. Consider using pastel colors, it suits every girl.
  • Use different colored photo frames, arrange them close on one wall. Choose some beautiful memories and put the photos inside. It’ll give a beautiful appearance and let the happy memories flow in your head whenever you look at the wall.
  • If your daughter is interested in painting, you can always use some of her paintings to decorate the walls. It would be nice if you frame them as well…
  • Always put a place in your calculations to a magnetic board, it will be used in many things like playing, notes and to write down future plans.
  • Use the mailbox to decorate the wall, consider using it to give her a daily encouragement and love letters.
  • The presence of mirrors on the wall in a girl’s rooms is essential. Pick up mirrors with distinctive frames, put them on a shelf on the wall for her daily use.
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The vintage look is what every girl would love these days, it has become the certain everyday trend. Rather than using pink and green or yellow for a girls room painting, consider using brown, and then mix it with any other color, perhaps white or purple as shown in the picture. One of the walls is decorated with vintage flowers all over, this is just so beautiful!

girls bedroom decor


Girls room decoration brown grown up style


Purple&Yellow for girls room decor

Toddler girls room decor

Follow these inspiration toddler girls room decor ideas.

  • Use clear and bright colors to paint the walls.
  • Use curtains that do not reach the ground.
  • Place a large poster on one wall.
  • Hang some shelves to put books, toys, and dolls above it.
  • Place a large toy box in the corner.
  • Small table with chairs is required if you have an empty space in the room.
  • If you could place a girly tent in the room, it will be like a dream come true to every daughter.
  • Use bed covers that match the colors of the room.
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Cute design for a girls room decor

Girly room Decoration only for girls


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