Bedroom Accent Wall & Bedroom Feature Wall 2017

Bedroom Accent Wall & Feature Wall

The bedroom is a private and significant place at home as no one can do without them. Therefore, you have to look after your bedroom accent wall Also, the bedroom feature wall in order to make it expressive for you.

Take a look at the most important and splendid bedrooms accent wall and feature wall that meet your needs as lightning treatments, bold materials, and patterns as well as accent wall of the oversized headboard. All these matters you have to put them in the consideration before taking the decision of designing your bedroom wall and get the decoration that you dream of.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Surprisingly, we show some bedroom accent walls that benefit you actually while designing your own bedroom.

1-Accent wall ideas for bedroom

There is a design for the bedroom accent wall in which homeowners prefer to make the wall behind the bed white-painted with a stunning portrait on the wall itself, and a textured rug that represents the focal point of the room without furniture mass, but just one chair to save the room’s space.

bedroom accent wall 2017

2- Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent wall for your bathroom makes it so vivid and bright. This frame fits the white walls with a beige rug.

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wood bedroom accent wall

3- Dark accent wall

Dark accent wall in a light room is suitable for bright coloured beds with using a few dark elements in your room.

dark bedroom accent wall

bold bedroom accent wall colours

4- Accent Wall Murals

Mural Accent wall is sophisticated and charm as it will make you feel in a green nature.

bedroom accent wall ideas

Accent wall murals

Bedroom Feature Wall

Mainly, breasts and chimney feature wall for the bedroom are the most prominent features.If you have neither breasts nor chimney, try a single wall instead. Also, you have to consider and imagine the furniture while choosing colors for your design. If your room is small or busy, giving a feature wall for just one section would be ideal. To create a cohesive design, choose your feature colors included accessories and furnishings. In addition, for simplicity, pale shades are suitable.

Here, we show you the most significant and gorgeous ideas for your bedroom feature wall.

1-blue feature wall

Feature wall with a pale blue paint is impressive with alcove shelving and a geometric rug in front.

blue bedroom feature wall colors

2-Woodland feature wall

Feature wall with woodland scene mural adds a magical feel to your room; specially with the sunshine. Choose the accessories that fit the mural design from green and blue colors; such as pillowcases and so make your room more vivid.woodland bedroom feature wall ideas

3-Bedroom Feature wall wallpaper

Feature wall with palm wallpaper fits geometrical rugs with brown pieces of furniture and accessories.

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bedroom feature wall wallpaper

4-Bold feature wall colours

Feature wall with bold colors could suits any furniture easily due to their varieties.

bold feature wall colors for bedroom

blue bedroom feature wall for teenagers

5-Bedroom Feature wall art

Feature wall art is popular nowadays and preferred for whom are up-to-date.

bedroom feature wall art

Bedroom feature wall paint ideas

Generally, we will mention some important suggestions related to choosing suitable colors for your bedroom’s feature walls. Find out the latest inspiration ideas for How to choose the bedroom feature wall paint? Explore this collection of latest adorable bedroom feature wall paint ideas.

  • For romantic bedrooms, dark colors are more suitable like olive, while for feeling calmness, blue and gray would make you relaxed.
  • For having fun in your room, avoid trends; trying to make thins fun by throwing pillows, side lamps and pop colors.
  • Most popular colors, in the recent years, are beige and brown, so many people tend to them as they could be added to any item furniture suitability.
  • If you desire to make your bedroom seems relaxing blue, lavender and green are ideal. Also, purple is so fascinated, but you have to combine it other colors; such as pink and beige.


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