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2018 Best Above Ground Pool Ideas With Building Tips

2018 Best Above Ground Pool Ideas With Building Tips

Above ground, pool ideas could be a great inspiration to any homeowner, especially in warm climates. Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful jump to the cooling water in a pool of his own? Above ground pool ideas is about avoiding the overcrowded public swimming pools during summer heat and simply jump into your own pool. Wow, it is really something to dream of!!

Above ground pool ideas

    cool above ground pool ideas   

With enough space, a small budget of money and a significant portion of ideas, the dream of having your own swimming pool can easily be put into reality, because building an above ground pool on a budget is not so complicated.

Above ground pool materials

new above ground pool ideas

If you have enough space in your backyard to install an above ground pool, Steel, Aluminum, PVC, fiberglass or Resin are the choices of the materials, and it is the best of the above ground pool ideas.

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By choosing one of the past elements, you can specify the required budget. They could be formed in round or oval form and lined with a waterproof film.


You can opt for a pool with a maximum diameter of eight meters and a water depth of 1.50 meters which is excellent for swimming. Your pool can be easily integrated into your outdoors; you can choose to make it disappear by creating an elevated deck that will surround the pool. So, it will seem buried without having to dig!

Components of an above ground pool

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And if you were asking about the components of an above ground pool these are the essential elements, Non-slip layer on the bottom, exhaust valve, wall skimmer connected to the outdoor recirculation pump, metal structure, stile, recirculation pump, support base, and sandbags for the filter.

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Above ground pool building tips

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Choosing the right setting for the pool is critical.

  • Choose a position that is entirely flat. Otherwise, the water pressure on one side of the pool will do damage.
amazing above ground pool ideas
  • Choose a place that will allow the pool area to be illuminated entirely, due to the sunlight during the day, the more sunlight that the pool receives, the warmer the water will be. This natural heat will reduce the need for the frequent use of a pool heater.

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  • Choose to install the above ground pool away from the trees. Trees could be the reason behind slowing the water heating process. And it can lose leaves, making pool cleaning more difficult job.
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  • It is advisable, to leave at least 2 meters of space around the outside perimeter of the pool to allow you free space for moving
above ground pool ideas pinterest
  • Try to position the pool drain as near as possible to a drain cock to take advantage of gravity and avoid having to use a pump to empty the pool.
above ground pool ideas with deck
  • The site of the pool must also have access to electricity and a source of water for the pump, heater, and filter.
cool above ground pool ideas
  • After installing the above ground pool begin to fill the pool to the optimum level. If you used the standard water system of the house, it might take 25 to 30 hours for this operation.
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Above ground pool deck

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One of the biggest innovations on the market was undoubtedly the creation of deck for above ground pools.

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With this structure, you can put above ground pools on the floor, and you will be able to enjoy an economic pool with the same efficiency of a typical swimming pool. The difference is that above ground pools building permit is not compulsory

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Among the most used options for a deck, wood is the one that most resembles the original idea.

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Wood does not heat as much as some ceramics, or stones, so its exposure to the sun does not leave the environment even hotter.

cool above ground pool ideas

This idea has been changing over time because wood after exposure to the sun and rain, the wood will rot and end up creating compromised spaces that can even cause accidents.

above ground pool ideas with deck

Therefore, choosing the right kind of wood is crucial. Ceramic, Stones, and Porcelain could also be used in building a deck for an above ground pool.

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Above ground pools decorating ideas

amazing above ground pool ideas

You can use bushes or shrubs around the pool as a simple way to decorate the exterior. Another simple way to decorate your aboveground pool is to use one of the pool fence ideas around the outside.

above ground pool ideas design

You can also place reclining seats or swinging in front of the pool. The critical thing to remember is to incorporate your style.


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