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DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Ideas and Designs for 2018

DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Ideas and Designs for 2018

DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, of course, you will need a place to store firewood, right? I think you need the firewood nearby,  so you don’t have to go out to cold shed through a rainy yard, but at the same time, you don’t want it inside. Also, you want it to stay off the ground, so it doesn’t get waterlogged. So the perfect solution in this DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack.

The firewood shelter combines rustic ranch styling with ample sheltered storage that keeps firewood off the ground and obscured from sight. Clad on the sides and roof with beveled cedar lap siding, the shelter has the look and feel of a permanent structure. But because it’s freestanding, you can move it around as needed. It requires no time-consuming foundation work. As long as it’s loaded up with firewood, it is very stable, even in high winds. But if it has high exposure to the elements and is frequently empty, secure it with a pair of wood stakes.

DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack - Firewood outdoor holder

Firewood is messy, it brings in some insects, and unless you live in a rustic home, possibilities are it doesn’t do much for your habit. But then if you store it ricked outside, you will need to make sure that it doesn’t catch mist between it and the side of the house or suit perfect home for bugs in the self-parking.
On top of all that, You can store your wood close, clean, and dry, and it allows you to buy woods in bulk, saving your money and time.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack-messy of firewood DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack-outdoor storage rack

It is nearly time for some cozy crackling fire. Let’s talk about creative DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack ideas for yard and firewood storage.


  1. DIY Firewood Rack: Do you think yourself the novice at woodworking, but are looking for creating DIY Firewood Rack that supplements some more design inside your home during the winter season when you need to keep those woods in place, or even in summer when you just want to keep them outside? This impressive DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack is something that yields explorer results almost effortlessly. Additional, you can produce the whole project to life in just portion of the value that you would unless spending on a store-bought wood rack. This one calls for an investment of money, combined with just a little bit of creativity and construction skills. Take a look at this excellent guide to gain insight into how the finished structure looks. DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack-fireplace accessories DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack-handmade rack
  2. Firewood Rack for half Rick of Wood: If these get-together with whole family and friends are an ordinary affair for your yard, you would undoubtedly love this Outdoor Firewood Rack! Few blocks of wood, when put together with three cinder blocks and few cedar fencing pickets, using some bolts and nails – can end up in fetching firewood rack that’s nearly four feet wide and four feet tall. The rack has to create the appropriate dimensions for storing half rick of wood.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack-for half of Wood
  3. No Tools Firewood Rack: A simple DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack was standing off the ground on a few large blocks of concrete, this motivation doesn’t call for any complex tools to come to life with complete integrity. Easily constructed from two scenery frames, and a few 2X4s with footers that have to cut into half, this No Tools Firewood Rack makes a chic and edgelike touch with the impressive assembling and the large size that it flaunts. As the structure sports some breakable pieces, the best thing about the rack is that you can push it around very conveniently with the individual parts, instead of grappling with the whole stage at once.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack no tools
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DIY outdoor storage box has some real style factor to it. All you have to do is turn the slats to get a coastal louvered look.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Storage box

Create a chic way to save outdoor decor with this slatted deck box. While building the louvered looks may appear intricate, I am here now to tell you; it’s as easy as turning the braces. Also commendable, assembly requires little more than a saw, drill, and a Kreg Jig.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack storage levels boxes

Now Let’s See How to Build DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Box

Recommended tools you will need besides an electric screwdriver, a right angle tool (or angle square or framing square) to keep your uprights vertical and at least one C-clamp (with over 3″ max opening) to hold firm pieces of lumber together when driving screws in. Recommended screws are #10 x 3″ long Yellow Zinc wood screws, with two possible choices for head design. One is the most common choice the Phillips head screws. On 3-inch length, they can be tough to drive in as they will strip a lot.

The second, better choice is the T-Star head screws. Your cost is the same but for T-Star screws you’ll need the T-star driving bits, and luckily they come standard with many bit sets.

You can also use these Grip-Rite #10 x 3-in Philips Head Exterior wood screws. They are a bit cheaper. We just like the Yellow Zinc screws more for cosmetic reasons.

TIP: Pre-drill holes for wood screws. It’ll make your job driving the screws in so much easier, and you’ll avoid potential cracks in 2x4s.

TIP: Use an outdoor glue in addition to screws in your DIY projects. It makes the construction so much sturdier.

NOTE: Because it won’t be adjustable, you must carefully plan the size of your homemade rack before cutting 2x4s.


  • Cut the parts: Using the cut list above, cut the 2×2 legs and 1×3 boards to length.
  • Prep the slats: By using Kreg Jig, drill two pocket holes in the ends of each of the Rails and Slats.
  • Place the first slat: Apostle a line half an inch from the face of the Front Right Leg. Make a second Mark two and a half inches of the board’s head point.
    Now place the end of a 22-inch-long Slat on the stake, so that its top position rests on the crosshairs of the two lines and the bottom edge tilts forward flush with the front edge of the Leg.
  • Add the first slat: Using a Kreg right corner lock, ensure the slat in place on the leg. Using a drill/operator, drive 1¼-inch pocket-hole bolts within the holes in the slats and into the leg.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack layout built
  • Continue adding the slats: Place the next slat underneath the first, angling it identically. Put the brace in the pocket hole to hold the slat in place. Ensure that slat is with bolts. Secure three new slats, for a total of five tilted slats. Reform this manner to construct left side of the box’s front.
  • Measure and cut divider: Place 2×2 facing the free ends of the 1×3’s. Mark the top and bottom of “board” on the 2×2 divider, and then cut it to length.
  • Unite a divider: Mark half inch hole line on the divider. Clamp a set of slats against it, and then secure them with pocket-hole screws.
  • Compile the panels: Put the joined slatted boards face down on the work facade. Clamp divider to the counter. Drive pocket-hole screws through slats in independent committee to secure it to the divider between them.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack box drawing
  • Prepare rails: Sober fit the doubled-up upper rail and lower rail between the legs. Mark the location of the divider on all rail. Next, drill pocket holes through a diameter of each board so that screws will run into the rails and the ends of the divider.
  • Establish rails: Place face of the top rail glow with head side and face of the leg. Ensure the track to each leg using pocket-hole screws.
  • Attach the rail to the divider: Drive screws through the rail and into the divider.
  • Duplicate headrail: To build a sticking top point when the box is unlocked, use a grain of wood glue to the placed rail, and then extended the second rail facing it. Add the rail to both legs and divider. Finally, connect the bottom rail toward the underside of the lowest slats and flush with the face of the legs.
  • Combine the cleat: Apply glue to the backside of the 1×2 cleat, and then position it in place on the bottom rail. DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack step by step constructionPlace a spacer block between the cleat and the lower slat; this spacing will allow the floor slats to set on the cleats below the slats and divider. Drive 1¼-inch wood screws through the cleat and into the rail to hold the cleat in place.
  • Layout the lid pieces: On a flat surface, lay out lid pieces. On the perpendicular boards, look at the end grain of each board and attempt to alternate the direction the boards’ “cup” (moon-shape of the grain).
  • Attach the lid: Using a drill to make three hinges to the underside of the lid and the top edge of the back of the box. Add additional lid support hinges, if desired.DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack for outdoor storage boxDIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Final shape of storage box DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack wonderful design for storage firewood box
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It will be our please to explore more ideas and designs to share it with you. Please check our below Gallery.


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