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DIY Planter Box | Build Pallet Planter Boxes

DIY Planter Box | Build Pallet Planter Boxes
Step by step how to DIY planter box

DIY Planter Box

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, to DIY planter box has never been this easy! Step by step instructions, pictures, and plans to help you craft your own garden planter with its various types and materials. Scroll down for the ultimate guideline on how to build a planter box with a variety of designs. DIY pallet planter box with only four easy steps and enhance your decor with some beautiful flowers!

DIY Planter box instructions
Step by step how to DIY planter box

How to build a planter box from pallets

1# Pallet Planter Box Plans:
The first thing to know about building a planter box is the plan, it will save you much effort giving you dimensions and details to follow.

DIY Planter box ideas & DIY planter box plans
Source: construct101.com

2# Planter Box Pallets:
pallets can be found at a very low price and even sometimes for free. You want to find the most usable wood pallets as a length of 3 feet (0.9 m) and from 2.5 to 6-inches width (6.4 to 15.2 cm)

After that, detach the pallets with a jig or a circular saw to cut the ends.

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3# Assemble the Bottom & top frame:
According to the plan and the planter we want to achieve, we need a bottom, sides, and top frame. After detaching the pallets you should have 14 or 18 pieces. Cut them to the desirable planter width. Mold with glue and nails. It should be something like that:

diy planter box step by step
From: Wikihow.com

4# Attach sides and top:
Now attach your sides to the bottom & top frame also with nails & glue.
At this moment you should be able to attach the side trim to the top sides, then use glue to finish with a top trim for the final look.

DIY cedar planter box ideas

We’re not done yet, you need to paint it for a more professional look. You can use spray paint, oak stain, or brush paint. We recommend spray paint and oak. Remember to do the painting outside the house. Whether in a workshop or in the garden but not directly on the grass.

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You can use it as you like. Whether a wooden flower box or vegetable box, you only need now is a good soil and seed!

DIY raised garden box Plans

If you want to build a large planter box, the DIY elevated planter box here can hold up to 400 lbs. That’s enough and way more to wet soil and plants!

Check these DIY planter box plans, they should help you follow the dimensions and details of each garden box design!

elevated planter box plan - raised planter box plan
Source: diynetwork.com planter box for vegetables
via: daphman.com how to build a planter box for vegetables

Source: ana-white.com

Try on these planter box ideas and send me your results. Follow our Facebook page for future wooden planters DIY inspiration!


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