Adorable Outdoor Easter Decorations 2018

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Short in time? You woke up thinking you might not have time to finish your Outdoor Easter Decorations before easter? Your easter decorations are not supposed to be hard and boring! You can easily DIY or BUY them. Or else, you can get a little lucky if you pass through our significant (EFFORTLESS) ideas to enlighten outside your house with these fabulous easter decorations. Become a craftsman with our daily tips and picks for your own satisfaction.


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Happy outdoor easter decorations from decorationy!

Easter Door Decorations

The first thing your visitors see on Easter is your door. So that’s the one thing you don’t need to omit of decorating. I say if you don’t decorate your house and you don’t have time, you should at least have a wreath on your door! You can also effortlessly DIY the door wreath decoration. If it’s not the prettier in the neighborhood, make it unique!

Simply buy a set of flowers of any kind you’d love, I prefer tulips. Arrange them beautifully into any vintage wooden box, a metal old bucket would give the same vintage look you want and you can find both at home. Grab a long ribbon and wrap it tight around the box and hang it on your door as shown…

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Lovely easter decorations tulip door wreath

Vintage flowers Easter decorations

This can work as a table indoor decoration or outside decoration if you simply put it in your garden.

Easter basket

Don’t be shy to use a medium sized wicker basket from the nearest local craft store. Put some faux moss, green and purple petunias. Or else you can decorate this however you prefer. Once you get this adorable basket and hang it on your door. Whether you put an eggs nest with some flowers or just eggs/flowers, it’ll be the perfect welcoming spring scene!

Easter decorations - Adorable Easter Basket
Via: Diyncrafts

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Easter Egg Wreath

Easter wooden decorations have always been the prettiest!

One of the easiest ways to DIY your egg wreath is to do it in a wooden frame. The wooden square style makes it easier to attach grass and eggs to it, also because it’s more available and cheap! You can find the grass (One package) & the wooden frame in the nearest store. Use plastic eggs to attach into the grass and the grass to the frame. Use a ribbon to hang the wooden frame. If you’re stuck in the colors, remember, always go for pastels!

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Easter decorations - grass wrath with eggs

Easter decorations - wooden egg wrath

Large Outdoor Easter Eggs

You can probably go for large outdoor easter decorations if you have a large garden. Otherwise, it would just make the place feel smaller and crowded. You can consider using large plastic eggs, arrange them beautifully in your garden and let your kids cooperate painting and coloring them in this special holiday! Egg-shaped balloons would adorably do the job as well!

Balloon-shaped eggs - outdoor easter decorations

Outdoor easter decorations large eggs


Easter has always had this holiday spirit when everybody cooperates to decorate their homes and then finally gathers together to enjoy their crafts and meals in a cozy loving feeling spread. DIYing or Crafting easter decorations always and forever will be the entertainment that everybody waits for. Give us feedback on your easter crafts this year, we love to hear from you! Will you spend Easter with your family?

Colored eggs easter decorations

Easter decorations colored eggs
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