17 Splendid Office Conference Room Design Ideas

Conference Room

The conference room is any company’s most important room is where the most important events for staff and managers. Therefore, it must be room to convey a distinctive and supervisor image for your company or organization is not room according to important meetings, but gives a picture of this company.
There are multiple styles of the conference room design including formal and classic with dark colors and modern ones of youth furniture and colorful decoration.
Today on our blog ” Decorationy” we give you simple steps and tips for distinctive meetings room decor for your collection of images that allow you to choose the design of the room according to your wishes:

meeting room color

1. Conference room furniture:
Must be the table and the chairs in the room are sufficient for various types of meetings, large or small, it is not desirable to have some individuals sit away from the table for lack of chairs or waiting outside for lack of enough chairs. the chairs must be made of leather or fabric suitable for the nature of the room to give comfort for sitting, and advise you to stay away from the plastic chairs in the meeting room. Either the table and there is more choice in front you, such as the elegant glass tables and wooden tables for a more classic look.

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Conference Room Design

2. screen to view images:
You must have a big screen in the Conference rooms to display photos, ideas and action plans. The screen can be displayed by your computer or DVD screen large vision to be clear to all the people sitting in the room to continue working.

Conference Room chairs

3. wall decor:
The Conference room features simplicity in the choice of room interiors, decorated the walls to give it more seriousness. But it can be sometimes in youth institutions and companies, especially technology companies choice decoration more stylish and bold colors. And not free it from some simple decorations to the room by putting your company logo or images reflect the company category. The colors white or brown are most appropriate colors for formal and classic meeting room.

Conference Room decoration

4. Conference Room lighting:
Lighting should be strong and clear in meetings room, so there are always large Windows to let in the sunlight and ventilation and lighting during the day. Ei+ther in-room lighting is by large fluorescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling above the table directly, allowing the distribution of light.

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inspiration meeting room design

5. important tips you should take attention to the decorating room table:

There are some simple tips but important things must be available within the room, especially at meeting room table, for example, must distribute glasses of drinking water with water bottles in front of everyone, in addition to tissue boxes spread across the table. You can also put some beads, candy or chocolate pieces small central table. It is possible to decorate the table with small bouquet does not take much space from the table and do not constitute a nuisance to sitting, but give the landscape a neat and comfortable to the eye. You must also provide white papers and pens.

Conference Room furniture

Conference Room wall decoration

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meeting room furniture ideas

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Office Conference Room

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