10 Useful Bedroom Feng Shui Tips o Create Positive Energy

Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art since 4000 years. Is aimed at achieving harmony between the place and positive energies. This art is founded on arranging and decorating rooms. Because
Everything such as the furniture or decor has an impact on your life and your comfort. The following bedroom Feng Shui tips you strengthen your mental and sexual health. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the tips in this article to enjoy the energy, vitality and happiness.

There are 10 bedroom feng shui tips from a Feng Shui expert and Director of the French school of Feng Shui “Yannick Chastagner” we offer you to help you achieve positive energies in your bedroom.

10 Useful Bedroom Feng Shui Tips To Create Positive Energy

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

1-Choose the bedroom that is the largest room in the House:

According to the bedroom feng shui tips must be the master bedroom for the parents occupy the largest space because the person who has the largest area of the home is the authority on others so something instinctively and unconsciously. For this reason, must be the parents ‘ room is the largest room of the children feel that their parents call up the House.
2-bedroom decorating with a binary style:
In bedroom Feng Shui tips, especially with regard to love energy, feel free to arrange and decorate the room with peers: two tables with identical lamps two bed, two candles, two pillows for Union representation and integration.

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3. choose soft colors and shapes:
Bedroom place for a comfort and privacy, you must provide a relaxing ambiance and bedroom Feng Shui tips color selection that inspires calm and relaxation through pastel colors and soft accessories and furniture selection.

4. the privacy of the bedroom:
It is advisable to avoid pictures of the family or children in the couple’s bedroom. Instead, prefer couple portraits or statues or antiques and romantic scented candles.

5. repair of electromagnetic disturbances:

The technological changes face us more and more and cause unrest. Mobile phones, computer, WiFi worrisome factors, and fatigue for our bodies, including restlessness during sleep. Keep out any source of concern according to Feng Shui the bedroom causes turbulence and negative energies.

6. place your bed to be safe:

Bed status affects your sleep. To take advantage of maximum safety and calm, place your bed against the wall, diagonally opposite the door. If facing the door and window, avoid this site also points out Feng Shui that adversely affect energy.

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7. harmony between spouses:

Couple room a place for love and affection. Avoid anything that would break the balance and serenity to your marital relationship. Tv, the Office, and my computer are all things to be avoided in the bedroom. Replaced with soft lighting, fresh flowers or symbols.

8. avoid putting more than bedroom mirrors:

bedroom Feng Shui it is advisable to put the mirrors carefully, the large presence of mirrors in the couple’s bedroom would be detrimental to tranquility and comfort in a room the couple achieved. the reason for this is that doubling the number of people for more than two would create discord in the relationship.

9. Put the pieces of Crystal in the room:
As a major role in disseminating and maximizing positive energy and vitality in place especially if punctuated by sunlight, creating energy bring happiness and luck.

10. close all doors of the room:

Whether the door of the room or the bathroom attached to that found for the best flow of energy.


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