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The Best Men’s Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

The Best Men’s Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

As we have spoken before about man cave ideas and man cave furniture. And I think it is the time now to give you some men’s bedroom wall decor. After all, being single is not so bad if you will enjoy your life at home adding your touch and personality to every corner in your home. You can use man cave ideas even if you are a family man. But in the case of the men’s bedroom wall decor, I think you must be single or to be in an amazing relationship with a nice female who appreciate your personal taste and can accept to stay in a bedroom without a female touch on the walls.

Men’s bedroom wall decor

new men's bedroom wall decor

As we all know, men’s bedrooms look completely different to those of girls. While in a room decorated for women we see many decorative details, ornate, sweet colors, glass elements and curved furniture, for example.

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The men’s bedroom wall decor brings decorative details related to their hobbies, and for the furniture, it is always with rough finishes, solid, strong and linear. The colors most related to men’s bedroom wall decor are neutral ones such as gray or beige, cool tones such as blue or green. And, some warm shades of orange oxide or burgundy red generally like decorative accents.

Male bedroom wall decor

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A male room includes only the necessary furniture, only those that are used frequently and are indispensable, a sofa and a comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a good TV, a small table for snacks. Depending on the theme of the room, based on the taste of you, the male bedroom wall decor and accessories can be incorporated into the walls, a shelf or bookcase.

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From your most precious personal items, we can have an idea of the colors that can be included in the decoration. The bed, as the focal point of the room, may include one or two decorative pillows and bedding in solid tones or with striped or checkered patterns. And for the wall that is on the bed head a black and white painting will be a nice chose for men’s bedroom wall decor.

Wall decor for men’s bedroom

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As I said before the walls of a man’s room should be painted in cool colors such as blue, gray, brown, dark green, black or white. This is not a rule, a man can choose to use his favorite color, but in general strong and neutral colors are used. And the vibrant tones are only used as a complementary color. If you want to give a warmer air to men’s bedroom wall decor, a navy blue room, for example, can be complemented with wooden decorations or warm colors.

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One tip is to use the tones that the man wears regularly which will add a very personal style to the room. ¬†As for the men’s bedroom wall decor accessories, it is preferable to choose to highlight the trophies, medals, and recognitions certifications, as well as some picture or poster alluding to the preferred activities of man. For pictures, it is better to use old frames and good wood. A good quality and elegant wall clock is a must in a man’s room.

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Simple tips for men’s bedroom wall decor

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If you are one of those who prefer to use natural materials, the combination of stone, brick, wood, and other objects like leather accessories to decorate the walls, works perfectly in men’s bedroom wall decor.

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If you prefer an urban and industrial style, gray colors, cement and metallic accessories will be your great allies to achieve the bedroom style that best suits your lifestyle and personality. Try to add beautiful geometric drawings on the walls, and you can also, post posters of a favorite character or posters of images that you like. All the posters that you put must also harmonize with the decoration and always give elegance to the bedroom.

The lighting

men's bedroom wall decor ideas

For the lighting of the male bedroom, an alternative to achieve functionality is to separate the areas you use most frequently. A reading lamp on the wall next to the bed, for example, will help accentuate this focal point. Metal is also another material that can be added to a decorative lamp on the walls which can give a masculine effect to the decoration.


cool men's bedroom wall decor

I hope that this article could give you the advice that you need to decorate a male room because most people think that everything they find about the bedroom decor is usually generic or for women. Many men live alone and need a hand to decorate their house. And I simply think that men also need pleasant spaces where they can feel comfortable and happy in harmony with the colors of the bedroom and good men’s bedroom wall decor.


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