Mediterranean Master Bedroom Ideas for 2018

if you were thinking about bright and warm bedrooms these Mediterranean master bedroom ideas are the best ideas to get a Mediterranean bedroom with its warm colors that will automatically take your thoughts to the holidays, the feeling of the sun warmth and it will make you remember the last holidays in Italy, France or Greece.

new Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

Mediterranean style of furnishing is characterized by openness, brightness and the magic of the south. Before deciding on decoration in this style, it is important to get to know its characteristics. These deco ideas work best as an overall look, rather than just decorating with Mediterranean accents here and there.


Mediterranean Master Bedroom Ideas

best Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

When it comes to the Mediterranean master bedroom ideas you must pay a great attention to every detail, the flooring, the walls, fabrics, and furniture a simple detail could make a great change in the decor.

The wall colors

nice Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

The choice of colors is essential to move the style of your bedroom to the Mediterranean. try to apply a color palette inspired by the sea, it is not necessary to reload everything in blue we can combine shades of blue with white and other elements that remind who see the colors of the walls of the feeling to be at the sea. Try to make it natural and above all very bright, and the best way to achieve this is by using light tones. Turquoise blue, sky blue, purple and then warm reds, oranges or yellows. The colors have always been linked to the Mediterranean culture.

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Decor elements

cool Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

To achieve the best Mediterranean master bedroom ideas you can place different decorations inside your room. You can use all kinds of natural elements such as seashells, sticks and other low-cost elements that you can find in nature and that allow you to evoke such a natural decoration which is so close to the beach and with those small elements you can personify much more your room.

new Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

Natural elements such as handmade rugs and wicker baskets can help to give that characteristic aspect of the Mediterranean decoration. You can use few of these aesthetic elements with the help of natural and light-colored textiles to convey the feeling of this style. Also, it is one of the Mediterranean master bedroom ideas that add coziness to the room of this style.

The flooring

best Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

The typical flooring used in Mediterranean master bedroom ideas is tile flooring, for example, the beautiful terracotta tiles. If you prefer to make your Mediterranean bedroom look a bit classier and really chic, a marble floor is ideal, because marble is widespread throughout the Mediterranean and even the ancient Romans appreciated this luxurious material in the construction of their homes. You can use other materials such as wood or, on the contrary, use tiles, since all these elements will enrich the Mediterranean essence much more.

The bedding and the curtains

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The textile is fundamental to achieve a Mediterranean aesthetic; you can use curtains with light and soft fabrics that let in the light and the breeze of the sea. When choosing the color palette of your textiles you have to impose soft colors like white and raw colors that give naturalness to the bedroom. When choosing materials for curtains and textile elements of the home you can choose warm materials such as cotton or linen. In this style, you can play a lot with textiles to make the bedroom more welcoming. This type of decoration is not overloaded and based on simplicity. So, playing with textiles will help to enhance the feeling of comfort.

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Simple furniture with light tones

amazing Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

This Mediterranean style of decoration is characterized by the use of a few pieces of furniture, a selection of essentials, and leave ample spaces. Some furniture like the closet could be replaced by constructive elements such as shelves that are formed on the wall.

best Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

You can use wooden furniture and also combine them with wrought iron furniture that will help you to create that characteristic Mediterranean atmosphere. When choosing Mediterranean-style furniture try to dominate the simple lines, and when choosing colors for it you can use the color palette we have proposed above. but above all the most important to achieve that harmony of this style you can use soft colors for your furniture.

amazing Mediterranean master bedroom ideas

The most important ideas of our Mediterranean master bedroom ideas are trying to avoid modern and sophisticated materials. Try your best to opt for a more rustic style and use materials such as wood, stone, iron or marble.

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