Surefire Ideas to Arrange Living Room with Fireplace

Living Room with Fireplace

No one can deny the character, structure, and warmth that a fireplace spreads once in a living room. However, decorating a living room with fireplace could require some effort. You shouldn’t take this consideration relentlessly, the way you design a living room with a fireplace differs with an ordinary room. Such as, where should you put the couch, how close the seats to the fireplace, and how many? Should you make it the centerpiece of the room?

small living room with fireplace decoration

From large living room space to small places, with some thinking and smart decorating tips, a fireplace can still add its charm. Take a look at these living room ideas and learn from the best designers.

how to decorate a living room with a fireplace

The most asked question, or actually the first one that comes to your mind is how to arrange a living room with fireplace. But when it comes to small living rooms the asking ratio goes higher. And on that matter, we are here to put your mind at to arrange small living room with fireplace

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Our first advice is to visualize the fireplace area before you start spontaneously assembling your furniture. See these three main tricks to arranging small living rooms with fireplaces and send me your feedback.

Small Living Room with Fireplace

1. Center fireplace:
Arrange your furniture around the fireplace making it the center of the room. Give the room a cozy vibe by using a love seat and two accent chairs instead of one large sofa. Also, use an accent table in the middle to give the feel of a larger living room space.

Add bookcases to the sides of your small living room fireplace like shown in the picture. This way you increase your living room storage space.

Small living room with fireplace

2. Center Fireplace with two sofas
Use two sofas that are in balanced size to the space of your living room. In this style, the room will seem less crowded and still have the same seating. You can add some cushions near the fireplace for extra seating and more warmth. Plus, a small table in the middle & perhaps another one beside either side of one of the sofas to hold teacups or books. Use a large rug to hold the room furniture together.

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small living room with fireplace design
from: HGTV

3. Corner Fireplace:
A corner fireplace in small living rooms can have two side effects. Whether it’ll be a good option because it gives a lot of wall & floor space for other decorating & furnishing options. Or it’ll be a bad choice, only if you don’t have enough space to angle the furniture along to center the fireplace. However, you can get out of this struggle easily by placing the edge of your rug in line with it and arrange your furniture the same way.

Living room with corner fireplace
source: roomcandy101 go to our FaceBook page for step by step instructions.

For more inspiration, check these pictures of decorated living rooms with fireplaces:

These were three ways to arrange your small living room with a fireplace. Place your inquiry in the comments below for further living room with fireplace decorating tips!


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