Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas and Tips

Kitchen wall decor ideas are needed in order to make it cozy, lively and personalized. In addition, some simple ideas for decorating walls can help out. First, it is necessary to fix any lacks in the walls or mistakes in the interior. In this article, we will give you the best way to use simple kitchen wall decor ideas, how to do it correctly.

Kitchen wall decor ideas

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Whatever the style of the kitchen wall decor ideas you like. you must consider the following general principles and recommendations for decorating the walls before the beginning of the decorating process.

Wall decoration ideas for kitchen

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Here are some general and important, principles of wall decoration with some useful tips.

  • The most suitable places for using wall decorations are piers between windows, a section above the dining table, above the kitchen set, above the sink, and any separately standing furniture, as well as in niches and on ledges.
  • When planning the placement of a wall decoration, do not forget about the principle of symmetry. Try not to get carried away with the decorations on the walls if the interior had many complex details.
kitchen wall decor ideas pinterest
  • In a small kitchen, you should always remember the words “less is better”. Of course, when choosing wall decoration you should be guided by the style and colors of the interior of the kitchen, especially paying attention to the color of the decorated wall and the objects surrounding it.
  • In most cases, paintings, panels, posters and other decorations for walls should be hung around eye level.
  • If you have a beautiful piece of decor, but, as you think, it does not fill the wall enough, it can be combined with smaller accessories, for example, paintings, plates, smaller mirrors.
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Simple kitchen wall decor ideas

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Dishes and plates

You can use a composition of dishes, saucers, and plates if your kitchen is in a traditional style. Such decor will look great in the dining area, in the design of the piers between the windows, in the niches and on the ledges, over the consoles or the edge if it is not too high.

kitchen wall decor ideas pinterest

But before you hang the dishes on the wall, you must collect the composition on the floor, then cut out the outline of each dish from the paper and hang it on the wall or you can simply circle the plates with a pencil on the wall. Thus, you will get a few paper circles that will tell you where to put a plate.


kitchen wall decor ideas ikea

Mirrors are good not only for their spectacular appearance but also for enhancing lighting and visually increasing space. Therefore, the idea of decorating walls with mirrors is a real solution for the problem of decorating small and dark kitchens. Moreover, they are so versatile it can fit in both modern and classic interior. If you hang a mirror in front of the window, then there will be more lighting in the kitchen. Remember that the larger the mirror, the stronger the effect of increasing space and multiplying the light in it. At the same time the more difficult the cleaning of the room. In order not to stick yourself to daily cleaning of mirrors, do not install them in the vicinity of the work area.

Wooden cutting boards

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In fact, kitchen wall decor ideas could use the most ordinary things, the beauty of which we often do not notice. For example, it may be cutting wooden boards hanged on the wall. A pair of boards could make a decorating combination with rolling pins, metal trays, baking molds and vintage dishes.

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A slate wall or message board

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If you hang a slate on the wall or paint one of the walls of the kitchen / a section of the wall with slate paint or cover with chalk wallpaper, then you and your children will be able to “update” the interior every day. Figures, interesting sign, poems, and songs all this will look great on the kitchen wall. And the slate wall will also bring practical benefits because it will be convenient to make lists of products and plans for the day, write down the best recipes and leave notes with errands for the household.

Vinyl stickers

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If the walls in your kitchen are solid, and you want to often update their decor without spending a lot of money and energy on it, then the best choice will be vinyl stickers. They are glued without difficulty, they come off even easier and leave no trace of the old picture, and there are so many design variants of stickers that you will surely find something that is suitable for the interior of your kitchen.

Kitchen wall decor sets

amazing kitchen wall decor ideas

You can also use one of the easiest kitchen wall decor ideas such as kitchen wall decor sets which you can simply find at mega-stores and also at online shops. or you can change the wall colors using one of our blue kitchen walls ideas.


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