Kitchen trends 2017: Stunning Kitchen Designs & Ideas

Kitchen trends 2017

Most women and -not to mention- a lot of men care about what their kitchen designs look like. They think that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Some call it the heart of the home. With a teaspoon of creativity, a sprinkle of colors and a tablespoon of technology, designers mixed all ingredients and have excelled in coming up with outstanding designs that will satisfy every taste as kitchen trends 2017.


Here is what’s hot and the latest kitchen trends 2017, Find out the best kitchen design ideas for this year. and you may like to browse best kitchen backsplash ideas & backsplash tiles.


Kitchen design trends

1) All white style:

kitchen trend 2017 ideas


kitchen designs for 2017

If your heart is set on an all- white kitchen, then you are in luck! An all white or light colored walls and cabinetry is very much in style! It is advisable to select a dark hardwood floor to add a cozy atmosphere and to create a warm contrast.

2) Satin brass finish.

Kitchen interior designs 2017

kitchen trends 2017 designs

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Satin brass finishing is one of the widest- spread trends this year. It adds a classy finish to your kitchen. Brass is capable of adding a golden touch to your kitchen that has the tendency to brighten up the whole kitchen. See in the picture above, despite the dominant black color of cabinets; the kitchen doesn’t look gloomy at all due to the spectacular hue the brass has added.

3) Hydraulic cabinets

ideas for kitchens 2017

amazing kitchen design

If you’re a hate traditional old-fashioned kitchen designs, then a kitchen that looks like the one in the picture above is what you’re looking for. This sleek design will not be understood and appreciated by everyone. You must be into this very modern style to fall in love with it. All designing companies are changing the good old kitchen cabinets by these cool-looking hydraulics. They are easy to access and beautiful to look at.

Kitchen Design Ideas 2017

Here are some tips and tricks for a trendy kitchen:

kitchen designs for 2017

Who said trendy designs can be expensive? This DIY kitchen bar doesn’t need a pro to do it. It is made of red bricks which will cost you pennies. You can also use it as a bonding fun activity for you and your spouse. Adding red unpolished bricks will add a sophisticated rustic touch that will surely impress your guests! This design is very casual and practical but also posh at the same time.

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Here’s a little trick your designer will not share it with you:

designs for kitchen

If you have limited spacing in your kitchen, just keep your hair on. It’s not a big deal. All you need to do is buy appliances in black or dark color as the silver color seems to swallow up the place. Black-colored appliances tend to look smaller that silver ones that seem to dominate the room.

Latest kitchen trends 2017

Still having trouble finding space in your small kitchen?

Why don’t you try to think outside the cabinet box, err I mean outside the box.

Make good use of all the walls that you have in your kitchen. Add compartments wherever possible. This helps you find a lot of storage place for all your stuff.


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