Home Cleaning Tips How to improve home air quality? 5 Effective Tips

How to improve home air quality? 5 Effective Tips

How to improve home air quality? 5 Effective Tips

Improve home air quality

Our home is the place where we can get cosy with our loved ones in an effortless manner. It is our mini world that helps us to remain calm and positive after a strenuous day at the work. However, the internal environment and air quality at the home can have a significant impact on our day-to-day life. In order to ensure a clean and fresh air in our home environment, here are the few simple steps.

improve home air quality with indoor plants

  1. Make proper arrangement regarding the ventilation in your home
    It is important to ensure the proper ventilation in your home so as to avoid the stinking smell due to the moisture, humidity and harmful greenhouse gases. Provide windows and ventilation spaces in your rooms and other places in your home to ensure the free and blockage free passage of the air. Apart from this, there are various indoor plants that can remove the harmful gases like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and other toxins.
  2. Take steps to keep bad odour away
    There are lots of things that are responsible for spreading bad odour in your home. You need to take steps to remove the origin source of these bad odours for a pleasant internal home environment. Avoid keeping socks with foul smell in your home and wash them on a regular basis. Do check that nothing is stuck in the kitchen sink which may cause a rotting or stinking smell in your kitchen and other areas of the home. Further, remove the decayed fruits and vegetables from your kitchen to avoid unpleasant smell in your home.
  3. Place indoor plants in your home
    There are various types of household plants that are known to purify the internal home environment in an effortless manner. check these inspiration indoor herb garden ideas that can help you.
    Some of the best indoor plants that have a proven air purifying capabilities are spider plant, Garden mum, Ficus plant, Dracaena, Peace Lily and other such varieties. Visit your local nursery shop or buy indoor plants online with the help of various gifting stores and ensure a pleasant stay in your home.
  4. Make your home a “no smoking” zone
    Smoking is dangerous not only for the actual smokers but also for the people that are around him/her. It has been observed that the cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 harmful chemicals that are responsible for cancer, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, breathing problems, heart attacks and other such disorders. Even if you are addicted to smoking, make a special smoking zone in your home in order to avoid the air contamination inside your home for your dear ones.
  5. Fix the places of water leaks in your home
    There are chances that some places in your home are leaking and the water sipping out from them is slowly rotting the furniture. This is causing a bad odour due to the slow decay and regular moisture on your floors. So, fix these leaks at the earnest level and offer a clean environment to your family members.
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So, take these small but effective steps and maintain a clean and pleasant environment by removing the bad odour inside your sweet home.


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