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How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpets

How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpets

Of course you familiar with blood stain; actually, this is very bad to see on clothes and carpets. These stains happen for any accidents. However, you should remove it as soon as possible. like other stains, if you remove the stain after getting raid it, then most firstly and effectively you’ll capable to remove. If you skip and try to clean after a few days, the job will be very difficult for you, also will not capable to clean effectively the stain on carpets.

There are many ways to remove this stain; we discussed How to Remove Blood Stain on the Carpets. So you can follow the tips to clean your carpets.

  • We always recommend using cold water for treating the blood spots and avoid warm or hot water. Because you may don’t know blood coagulates with heat, and cold very easily can prevents the blood from permeating into the carpet fibers. That’s why the better idea to use cold water to remove the blood spots.
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  • Now with 2 tsp, you have to fill a spritzer bottle. Of a grease-fighting, liquid dish detergent for example could water and Down. Then you have to spray on the affected places correctly. To entirely soak the carpet stain, you have to liberally moisten it. For a better job and break the spots, you can use a paper towel; also we will recommend you use a dry white cloth. After then rinse with cold water.


  • Everybody knows OxiClean® is totally bleach-free, it is capable to clean most types of stain on the carpet, also great for remove blood stains. you may think you have to use hot water to be diluted the OxiClean® , always you have to use cold water, then you’ll mix it, although not possible to mix it correctly but you’ll mix it as well as possible you can. Drop some solution on the stained places; you can use a spray bottle to apply. Now bolt until dry, and then rinse the place. If you need again do this same job.
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Remember these tips will help you to clean blood stains but it can be a persistence job for you. Minimum one to five-times you’ll need to apply these methods to properly clean the carpets. Actually it depends on the stain; you have to apply one or two for new stains and few for the old stains. If you can apply these methods properly your carpet will be like new again.

However, the above methods something tricky and timetable job, if you want to easily and deeply clean your carpet you can choose the portable carpet cleaners. These machines you’ll capable to handle easily and clean all types of stains on the carpet, also will save your time and give you a fresh carpet.



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