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How to use chandelier for indoor lighting

How to use chandelier for indoor lighting

There is no doubt that chandeliers are one of the best options to use when it comes to indoor lighting. They are capable of giving your room a classic or a beautiful modern look. Together with the eco power lighting bulbs, your room will be well illuminated hence allowing you to carry your activities. Although chandeliers are very straight forward, not many people understand how chandeliers are used for indoor lighting.

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Yes, chandeliers are meant for decoration but they can produce enough light for your room. We are going to discuss how you can use chandeliers for lighting each and the following places. Besides that, I will guide you on the places or measurements that you need during installation. https://www.claxy.com/

Dining room

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in our houses. Why? This is where we meet as a family and chit chat as we enjoy our meals. So the dining room has to be one of the coolest rooms in the houses. Also, it has to be well lit because you don’t want people straining to see the dishes that you’ve spent hours preparing for them.

First of all, you need to make sure that the chandelier is perfectly placed in proportion to your dining table. This means that it has to be placed exactly on top of the dining table so that light can reach all the corners of the house evenly. Not just at the center of the house but it has also to be directly on top of your dining table.

Another thing that you need to consider when it comes to lighting your dining room with a chandelier is the bulb. If you do not want to combine with other lighting materials such as pendant lights then you need to have powerful bulbs. I recommend using eco power lighting bulbs since they are very cheap, durable, and powerful at the same time.


You can also use the chandelier to light your bedroom. The best thing about using this type of lighting is that you can customize it so that it matches the internal theme of your room. Also in terms of lighting, some people do not like very powerful bulbs in the bedroom. But for some, they want something powerful that they can illuminate well enough for reading or other activities.

Hang your chandelier in such a way that it can illuminate every corner of the room. If the ceiling is very high you will probably require a larger chandelier. The best thing about using chandeliers to light your bedrooms is that it gives you many options as well as decorates your room. Also, you can use LED bulbs for your bedroom chandelier.


Consider installing a chandelier that matches the style of your kitchen. Also, it should be hanged 30″ to 34″ from the ceiling over the dinette table or the Kitchen Island. Do not hang the chandelier very low if you have a non-eat kitchen. Consider placing it high and at the center of the kitchen.

It is good to control the lighting of the chandelier separately from other lights in the kitchen. For instance, have different switches for your chandelier and other types of lighting. If you are using both pendant lamps and chandeliers to light your kitchen then they should match.


There is no reason why you should not use a chandelier to light your bathroom. Using a chandelier as your source of light here will make you enjoy looking yourself in the mirror every morning. However, there a few things that you should have in mind.

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A small bathroom will match with a small chandelier which does not consume much space. But if your bathroom is wide enough then you can consider using a large chandelier. Another thing that you will need is a powerful bulb. This is because for you to see yourself in the mirror clearly, the lighting should be enough.


If there is an area that is very important and always overlooked is the Foyer. This area deserves a good treatment it is the first place to great you or your visitors. You can use a beautiful chandelier with a powerful eco power lighting bulb to create a good first impression of your house.

However, you should be very careful while choosing and installing a foyer chandelier. Make sure that you choose a chandelier that matches the theme of your house. Also, you need to elevate it accordingly in case your foyer is very high.

The general rule for finding the appropriate wattage of your foyer room is by multiplying the area of your room by 1.5. Let’s say your foyer measures 100 square feet, the appropriate wattage should be 150 watts. This rule applies to all rooms where you want to get enough illumination.

Final thoughts

Chandeliers are not only good for lighting but also for decorating your house. They come in different styles and places that fit different room styles such as the kitchen, dining room, Foyer, bedroom, table room, and bathroom. Different rooms have different installation guides but when it comes to proper illumination only one rule applies. That is you multiply the area of your room by 1.5 to get the total wattage.



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