Home Tips 6 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Drains Regularly

6 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Drains Regularly

6 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Drains Regularly

Not many homeowners consider the importance of cleaning their house drains regularly. Neglected drains call for problems that have gone out of control.

It can clog pipes and overflow sewers that damage your plumbing system. To avoid all these plumbing issues, keep your drain clean.

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Here are six compelling reasons why you should be cleaning your drain regularly.

  1. To Prevent Blockage

Now nobody wants to clog their house drains intentionally. But, what if by ignoring your house drains, you’re unintentionally clogging your pipes?

To put it simply, when drains aren’t cleaned regularly, foreign material builds up. This build-up leads to blockage of sewer lines.

If pipes aren’t unclogged immediately, your sewer line and other pipes may leak and eventually burst open. Thus, to prevent clogging, clean your drains frequently, at least once every five months.

  1. To Keep It Odor-Free

A blocked drain not only slows drainage but also results in a foul smell. The smell comes from your pipelines and enters your home through the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Dirty drains cause mold and bacteria to settle in the pipes. This requires extensive and thorough cleaning to wash away the fungus and prevent bacteria from forming.

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Regularly cleaning the drains is the only solution to prevent foul smells from creeping inside your home.

  1. To Make Pipes Last Longer

If you have clogged drains, you have clogged pipes. Apart from that, the build-up of foreign materials can cause the pipes to corrode with time. By cleaning the drains regularly, you’ll also be aware of the issues with your pipes, which prevents excessive build-up and leakage—thereby increasing the lifespan of your pipes.

By not cleaning your drains for a prolonged time, you’re also causing damage to your entire pipeline. As a result, you’ll have to undertake the expenses of replacing your entire drain pipes.

  1. To Improve Drainage

The most obvious benefit of cleaning your drains is to improve drainage. A frequently cleaned drain ensures water won’t stand in the sink and flows away quickly. If you notice the water in your sink gurgles and makes squeaking noise while flowing down, you have a problem of slow drainage or pipe blockage.

Keep your sinks, drain, and other water fixtures clean to prevent the issue of slow drainage. If you ignore slow drainage, it results in more extensive problems such as drainage overflow and clogged pipeline. Now before things get messier and costlier, schedule a drain cleaning appointment.

  1. To Reduce Expenses

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Naturally, when you ignore the conditions of your drains, you are calling for bigger problems. Dirty sewers result in unpleasant smells, insects, fungus, leaking or blocked pipelines, slow or no drainage, and more. These issues will cost you more than having your drains cleaned annually.

Moreover, when your drains are cleaned, you can ask the technician to inspect your sewer lines. By doing so, you can quickly schedule an inexpensive repair rather than the massive cost and inconvenience of a pipe replacement.

  1. To Keep Home Environment Clean

Dirty drains result in a myriad of problems that range from overflowing drains to blocked sewer lines. This affects the inside and outside of your house.

Leaking pipes and overflowing drains of wastewater results in an unpleasant smell. Also, they’re full of chemical deposits and bacteria, which are a breeding ground for insects.

The wastewater also causes discoloration of walls, floors, and even furniture. All of this ruins the atmosphere of your house, making it unsanitary and stinky.

Thus, clean your drains regularly to keep your home environment clean, healthy, and odor-free.


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