Simple Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas 2018

Today the decoration styles of the interior are growing fast; peoples always want something new and exciting. Most people usually skip over the wall design when decorating their house, but you must know that the wall design is the biggest part of any room design. The most important thing about it is that everyone sees it first and it is simply furnished in the style you love. The wall design is usually the design of textures or hanged some paintings and other artwork. Today in this post we have some new, farmhouse wall decor ideas that will help you to design your house wall in a simple and easy way.

Farmhouse wall decor ideas

farmhouse wall decor ideas pinterest

Farmhouse wall decor ideas are awesome, especially if your entire home is decorated in a rustic or farmhouse style. However, getting farmhouse decor items through shops can be very expensive; in fact, the price tags in the shops on some of the best rustic pieces are just ridiculously high.  So, the question is why to go expensive when you when you can add the style by using some simple farmhouse wall decor ideas.

Wall painting colors and wallpaper

farmhouse wall decor ideas pinterest

In farmhouse decorating style, wall color is usually soft, neutral accents and trim. Light-saturated colors can be thrown into the mix on a regular basis, but overstatement can result in a messy look that makes the theme fall apart. Farmhouse themes extensively rely on earth tones, with deeper accents jewel tone. And for the wallpaper, you can use the one with natural patterns and soft colors.

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Welcome to a new collection of farmhouse wall decor ideas in which you can update the walls of your living room, home office, dining room, and kitchen with.

Farmhouse wall decor ideas for kitchen

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Baskets and pottery in kitchens with farmhouse themes, wall hangings can be not only pretty but functional as well. Baskets and ceramic pieces can be fixed to the wall with sturdy nails, screws or hooks.

farmhouse wall decor ideas pinterest

They are great for use as bread baskets and pizza stones can also be used as simple decoration on the walls. These items especially fit old tile or brick walls. for more inspiring kitchen wall decor ideas you can read ore past article

The dining room

farmhouse wall decor ideas amazon

Baskets elicit a natural feeling and can be used to organize various stuff and it can also, emphasize the warmth of the room. With fresh flowers, branches or seashells you can decorate the walls of any room especially the dining room these items fits perfectly in it.

The living room

farmhouse wall decor ideas pinterest

Wooden letters, which are a very nice wall accessory for wood lovers especially in farmhouse style, they are very popular recently as one of the simplest farmhouse wall decor ideas. You can paint wooden letters according to the colors of your furniture and use them in different colors on your walls. If your walls are colored, white letters can be used. On dark walls, you can use wooden letters with wood antique wall decorations.

The bedroom

farmhouse wall decor ideas pinterest

I can’t think of a house without a mirror if you are going to use mirrors for your wall decoration. You can use it in the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, corridor, and living room it can fit almost in everywhere. There are many options for the mirrors which will match farmhouse style like, bronze framed mirror, antique smoked mirror, and a simple mirror framed with wood. The concept of a wall mirror will always bring depth to your home. For this reason, a wall accessory that is inevitable for every house is a mirror.

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DIY farmhouse wall decor ideas

farmhouse wall decor ideas amazon

Wooden pallets are a piece of material that can be obtained from anywhere at any time. You just have to be creative to make something unique with it. Perhaps with some DIY farmhouse wall decor ideas, you will be able to do your own decorations of wood pallet pieces which will be different and unique. Another nice thing about it is that you can decorate the empty walls of your house with very low-cost farmhouse wall decor ideas.

farmhouse wall decor ideas pinterest

The first step to do a handmade decoration made from pallet wood is choosing the size of the pallet that suits the wall and cleans its surface using sandpaper and you can use the walnut color to polish the wood and then mount it on the wall. Then it will be the time to decide what kind of decoration you want to make with it. Pallets are suitable for many ideas like decorative wall shelf, bookshelf, family picture gallery, and you can also; use it as a vertical garden.


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