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Tips for Grass Cutting & Lawn Care

Tips for Grass Cutting & Lawn Care

Grass cutting, lawn care, and garden maintenance are not that hard to do anymore. We are about to show you care measures that guarantee a healthy lawn in your beautiful garden.

Grass cutting

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Frequent grass cutting is the most important actions which will help you take care of your garden. The maintenance and preservation of grass cutting will help you get a beautiful and healthy lawn. How this care is performed is a function of many parameters that have to do with the soil-climatic conditions and the composition of the soil, the type and the health of the lawn, the turf that used in the garden, your aesthetic criteria etc. so, grass cutting must always be done with well-maintained machines and with a program.

Grass cutting frequency

grass cutting tips

The more often the grass cutting is made, the more effective they are because they mostly remove smaller foliage and minimizing the shocks that the grass plants suffer. Once a week on a particular day and hour is a grass cutting frequency which will give a particularly satisfactory result for all lawns unless the seasonal and soil-climatic conditions are suitable for the rapid growth of the lawn so that the cut could be done even every two or three days.

grass cutting tips

It is advisable that the grass cutting operations are not done when the lawn is wet. and avoided when the climatic conditions are extreme, for example, if there was a lot of heat. It is also advisable to carry out the grass cutting at first afternoon hours when the solar radiation is limited in intensity.

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Grass cutting techniques

grass cutting tips

There is a variety of cutting techniques, but lately, machines with horizontal rotating blades and powered by electric or petrol engines are the most used. There are also manual machines, but they tend to disappear.

grass cutting tips

As a rule, gasoline engines are more powerful and easier to use. but the needs to maintain their mechanical parts are much more than the manual machines. A special attention must be paid to the safety of the users of the cutting machines with gasoline engines, and for the speed and the direction of movement of the lawnmower. Also, you must know that the low or high speeds do not contribute to effective lawn mowing, especially when the engine is out of control or when the grass has been left high.

grass cutting tips

Finally, great care must be taken when arranging the proper setting of the lawn mower, and also for the soil errors, for example, pits, steep slopes, stones, branches, etc. which can damage the cutting blades of the machines. A very common disaster happens during lawn mowing which is damaging the irrigation system, for example, cracking or pipe cuts due to the cutting height errors.

Lawn care

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Regardless of whether your lawn comes from sowing or ready rolls when first installed, avoid cutting it until it reaches a height of about ten to twelve centimeters (10-12 cm). The first grass cutting will remove one-third of its length. After the first cut, we expect to increase the height by about two to three centimeters (2 – 3 cm) and then cut it again by removing one-third of its length.

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grass cutting tips

This process must be repeated until the lawn reaches an average of five centimeters (5 cm) from the surface of the soil. Exceptionally, if the grass grows in shady parts of the garden under trees, it is proposed that the five centimeters (5 cm) limit be increased to six to seven centimeters (6-7 cm).

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance requires special knowledge, skills, a lot of time, effort, love, and creativity. You will be in need of all the past things to be able to care for trees and plants. And carry out soil cultivation, introduce fertilizers, carry out therapeutic pruning of trees and shrubs, and give a special care to the plants. Garden maintenance also contains on maintenance and adjustment of the installed irrigation system, maintenance of the lighting system, and carrying out a set of preventive measures to protect plants from pests and diseases. Do not worry it is not that hard if you really love to see a successful project grow before your eyes and under your care.

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You can ask for some help, in the beginning then, you can resume garden maintenance after installing the first bases. With the help of qualified and experienced professionals, you can have a very special design and garden maintenance for your garden which will give you the will to keep the garden in the best manifestation all the time.

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