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DIY Christmas Decorations – Homemade Ornaments

DIY Christmas Decorations – Homemade Ornaments

DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s time to deck the halls again, and cherished family ornaments are finding their way to mantelpieces and pine branches so they can shine on December 25th. Many crafty people take Christmas as a chance to get creative with decorations and ornaments, and in this post, we’ll share some inventive DIY Christmas decorations and homemade ornaments! Read on and get inspired with this holiday decor ideas!

DIY Homemade Christmas Decorations

Start making beautiful crafts at home and maybe with your family members to spend a good time, DIY Christmas Decorations can be so easy after reading our article below; It`s sure that you will get inspired by the most beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments and simple DIY Christmas Decorations & Ideas.

Pendant Homemade Ornaments

DIY Christmas Decorations & OrnamentsPhoto Credit: Refunkmyjunk.com

These glass pendant ornaments are an extremely versatile holiday decoration – and they can be emptied out and reused! The possibilities are endless, but consider scraps of greenery, autumn leaves, silk or dried or fresh flowers, holly berries, potpourri ingredients like cinnamon sticks or dried orange peel, tillandsia, or miniature toys. Hang them from a mantel, wreath, or light fixture for a unique display. That would be a simple DIY Christmas decorations project to do at home.

DIY Glitter Lettering

merry christmas decor lettersPhoto Credit: Crafthubs.com

For a shimmery twist on classic party lettering banners, cut letters out of cardboard or construction paper, paint with white glue, and coat with glitter in the colors of your choice. This project makes a very kid-friendly activity – older children can design and cut out letters, and smaller children can shake on glitter. Personalize a holiday message or go for a simple “YULE,” “NOEL,” or the classic “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

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Homemade Yarn Christmas Tree Card Display

Christmas tree card do it yourself!

You might not have the space for a traditional Christmas tree, but you can still set up this espaliered version! Just use tacks to outline your tree on the wall, lace twine or colorful yarn around the tacks, and decorate with lightweight glass ball ornaments, paper cut outs, or holiday cards. You can measure and mark out a geometric pattern, as shown here, or you can improvise – this versatile design takes its appeal from its homemade, no-frills vibe.

Envelope Advent Calendar

DIY christmas decorating ideas - homemade ornamentsPhoto Credit: Alydosdall.com

From takeout boxes to artisan cheese wedges, advent calendars have become a holiday decorating niche all their own! This envelope advent calendar combines style with simplicity – just pin twenty-five envelopes to a cork or felt board, or use ribbon to hang them around the room. Cream envelopes pair with a scarlet ribbon, or you can create a yuletide color scheme by alternating red and green or elegant gold and silver. Numeral stamps make it easy to mark each envelope for the right day. This is one of the most inspiration DIY Christmas decorations that can be on budget and so simple.

DIY Packing Crate Christmas Tree

DIY Outdoor Christmas TreePhoto Credit: Designrulz.com

The humble packing crate transforms into a durable industrial-chic Christmas mural in this simple painting project.  Just use green acrylic paint to sketch out a tree, add nails for decoration, and then decorate with lights and ornaments.  An alternate possibility is a green wreath to decorate with pine branches, holly berries, pine cones, tinsel or ribbon.

Homemade Christmas Centerpiece

cranberry christmas centerpieces with candlesPhoto Credit: Projectwedding.com

Cranberry Christmas Centerpiece: For a vivid low-cost Christmas decoration, you can’t go wrong with these brightly-colored berries! They can be used as the base for any centerpiece – fill a glass bowl, heat them at the base of a set of candles, or layer them with potpourri, pinecones, or silvery glass balls.

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Thumbprint Christmas Tree

Image Credit: Creamalice.com

Thumbprint Christmas Keepsake Tree: This is a Yuletide variation on the thumbprint trees that have become a popular guestbook addition for weddings. This is another kid-friendly project, and you and your children can have fun filling in the “tree” – just purchase a few different shades of green ink at the local craft store, along with accent colors like gold, red, and silver. You can make holiday cards using the same simple technique – alternate designs include reindeer, strings of lights, and cheery snowmen. If you’re throwing a holiday party or family reunion, ask guests to add their thumbprints along with a signature for a unique holiday souvenir!

Whatever your plans are this holiday season, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to add to a decorating project or two! Use these DIY craft ideas to add light and color to your home, and have a festive and creative Christmas!

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