Home Cleaning Tips How to clean Kitchen Granite Countertops? 4 Effective Tips

How to clean Kitchen Granite Countertops? 4 Effective Tips

How to clean Kitchen Granite Countertops? 4 Effective Tips
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Do You Know The Most Effective Tips to Clean Your Kitchen Granite Countertops?

Granite is not that easy to clean as it has a sticky surface – mommies know! Most of us wish to have a modular kitchen in our homes having a granite countertop. Indeed, granite beautifies any kitchen, however, when it comes to cleaning, it gives a hard time to people. Granite is the best option because its surface is heat and scratch resistant and requires cleaning manually. Now, that does not mean, all cleaners are great for granite. Maximum cleaners that are available in the market today have ammonia in it due to which the surface of the granite gets damaged. If that is what you were using until today, then do not worry we have a solution for you!

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  • Granite appears to be clean all the time, however, as soon as you feel the surface, your hands will feel the dirt accumulated on it. Today, granite countertops are a part of almost every kitchen. Therefore, its cleaning becomes more than essential. Always use a microfiber cloth for dusting as they do not push the dirt to corners and also do not scratch the surface, unlike paper towels. After this step, you are all set to clean your kitchen countertop.
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  • To clean the countertop, use a cleaner which is pH-balanced. Do not use any kind of bleach and window cleaners as they will damage the shine of the granite. Also, avoid the temptation of using vinegar, lemon, and ammonia cleaners. These ingredients are great for cleaning other stuff in the house, however, when it comes to granite – they kill the life of it and damage it internally. Use a pH- balanced dish soap with water and then clean the countertop. In addition to this, if you want your granite to look new and germ-free, add ΒΌ cup of isopropyl to this mixture. Also, if you feel that is too much of a hassle for you then professionals like Max Granite can aid you in understanding the science of cleaning kitchen countertops.


  • To ensure your kitchen countertop is all clean try doing the palm test. With the naked eye, the dust particles are not visible at all as the designing of the granite is such that it hides the tiny dust particles from the human sight. This palm test will help you figure out any uncleaned spot on the smooth surface.
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  • Granite countertops are an asset to your homes. A little precaution can help you in keeping it clean and shiny for a longer period of time. Immediate attention should be given to spills and dirt as soon as one sees them. And if this daily chore is not what you want to do yourself then seeking for a professional is not a bad idea at all.


These are the most vital tips when granite cleaning is what you are looking for. Also, taking precautionary measures is advisable – not putting utensils with force on the slab as it can cause damage and breakage of the granite countertops.


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