Wood Furniture – The Ultimate Care Guide!

One major query of people who have wooden furniture at home is how to take care of these items so that they last long? Wooden furniture per se has an utmost finish and that is why people do not want that it fades away or gets damaged in any situation. Following are some tips that can help you to keep your wooden furniture safe and new looking forever.

Wood Furniture Care Guide

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  • Avoid The Direct Sunlight:

One thing you should always be cautious about – never keep your wooden furniture in a place where direct sunlight can reach. Sunlight is one of the major reasons for damaging the wooden furniture. Always get window shades or films that can stop UV rays to enter your house through windows.


  • Cleaning is Essential:

This is the most common way to keep your wooden furniture in good health. Clean the various wooden furniture pieces in-house regularly with the help of a soft dry cloth. Furniture that has lacquered finish do not need dry clothing cleaning, however, other wooden pieces need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris and keep in mind to use only dry soft cloth for cleaning.


  • Avoid Liquid Cleaners:

Cleaners like pledge damage your wooden furniture even more. Even a person who is a repair technician will tell you the same as it does not do anything good but only hides the shortcomings by building silicone coating.


  • Polish Treatment:

All the wooden furniture pieces should be waxed or polished after a regular interval of time to gift these items a protection layer. Polishing your furniture a couple of times during a year span is what is recommended by the professionals. If you are looking for an expert then your search ends here at https://majoroakpolishing.com as it knows what type of wood needs what kind of a professional finish. Below are some insights regarding the types of wooden furniture:

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  • Mahogany: Mahogany furniture needs polishing, however, ensure to use non-silicone polish.
  • Teak: furniture made out of teak wood needs dry cloth cleaning on regular basis. The cost of maintaining these pieces of furniture is extremely low as compared to others. If you notice any silvery coating on teak then mild soap and sponge will do the cleaning. Avoid using oil as it is bad for teak products.
  • Driftwood: if your driftwood furniture is not polished then avoid polishing it, instead, use a dry cloth to clean it and a polished driftwood needs professional polishing on a regular basis as driftwood dries out if not polished after regular intervals. Avoid silicone as it is harmful to the finish of the driftwood.
  • Painted Wood: if the wooden piece is painted then avoid using any cleaner as it will damage the finish of the product. However, if only a part of the item is painted then use a non-silicone cleaner on the area but remember to be extremely vigilant.


  • Avoid Direct Connection of Hot and Cold Objects:

Beware when you place hot and cold dishes or beverages on the chest of the wooden table. The extreme heat that is being released from the utensil can damage the finish of the table top if placed without a buffer. In the case of cold beverages, due to condensation, blooming can take place – will make the transparent coating milky or cloudy. If that happens, ensure to clean the table top with a dry cloth. Also, sometimes, you need to get your wooden furniture polished after a couple of months to make certain they appear like a new piece. In such cases, an expert is what you will be needing and thanking after the task is done.

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  • Extreme Moisture and Temperature are Bad for Your Furniture:

Wood is highly sensitive to moisture and extreme temperature conditions whether hot or cold. Due to humidity, the wood can expand or contract which lead in cracks in the furniture, splitting, and contorting. This also affects the joints of the wooden furniture as the glue dries up which eventually disfigure the respective piece of wooden furniture.


  • Take Proper Care of Scratches:

Furniture scratches need care, however, if you have a furniture touch-up pen at home then small scratches and damages can be taken care of at home by yourself. For major scratches, you need to seek professional help. Remember, do not act as a professional when you ain’t one!


To Conclude:

When you purchase any wooden item, make certain the quality is top-notch so that it does not get damaged easily and quickly.


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