Canister or Upright Vacuum – Which One is Better for You?

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for domestic cleaning or after decorating needs one of the major decisions you have to take is to pick the right style of cleaner either upright or canister.

Upright vacuum cleaners are more commonly used in US and UK; whereas most people in Europe rely on cylinder or canister vacuum cleaners for their cleaning needs.

Choosing one style over the other can have its pros and cons, but one can make up for the disadvantages with additional attachments. In the end, your choice for the right style becomes a matter of personal preference.

This article will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of both types of cleaners.

Upright and Canister Vacuum – The Pros and Cons

No vacuum is perfect and hence here we give you the overall comparison between the upright and canister vacuum.

Upright Vacuum

I cannot estimate which would be chosen by more people; the upright cleaner is still the bulkier model of the two, is still difficult to maneuver, but they seem to have better usage in large halls and carpet areas.

Another great advantage that the upright vacuum cleaner has over the canister vacuum cleaner is that these come with very large bags which can be changed at very long intervals of time.

They also have a long and flexible hose which can reach absolutely any point in your home. The hose of the upright vacuum cleaner is highly flexible making it easy to maneuver in hard to reach spots.

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If you look at the disadvantages, the upright vacuum cleaner is less maneuverable and hence it is difficult to carry it in other rooms or ups\tairs for cleaning. The worst part is that is cannot protect one from allergies because it does not have a HEPA system installed.


Canister Vacuum

Now you can look at the canister vacuum cleaner. These are definitely equipped better to answer to the needs of today. The canister vacuum cleaner also has a flexible hose and can get under furniture with ease. What it has extra is the HEPA system which ensures that all the allergens are kept out of your home for a perfectly healthy and clean air.

The canister vacuum cleaner is light weight and so it can be pushed or pulled along when the cleaning is under way. Since it is lighter than any of the other types of vacuum cleaners, they can be carried upstairs without too much effort. Some say the canister vacuum cleaner has better suction power, though this is really not yet substantiated by practical reports/ studies.

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Among the disadvantages, the canister vacuum cleaner is actually awkward when you have to pull it behind you to clean the house. Also, their price is slightly more expensive than uprights.


So as you can see both types of traditional vacuums have their own pros and cons. It’s really depends on the individual preferences and budget when selecting a reliable cleaner. There are some critical factors to consider when choosing your ideal vacuum.

Those factors including the vacuum power and filtration system, bagged or bagless, vacuum weight, onboard tools, special designed purpose, brand, and warranty.



Choosing a right vacuum for your house cleaning needs is not an easy task especially if your house has hard and carpets floors as well as pets. So, this post has helped you to decide whether to go for a canister vacuum or a upright model.

You are encourage going to the local vacuum stores and seeking the opinion from the professional vacuum consultant or even test the vacuum at the store. Else, please do some home works by going online and read the vacuum review sites to know more info before getting a new machine. Some of such reputable sites are or


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