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Covered Patio Ideas, Designs, and Plans

Covered Patio Ideas, Designs, and Plans

Covered patio

A covered patio in your house will be your favorite place for many months in the year. No more canceled barbecue parties, no abrupt departure in dark clouds.

It is ultra modern and also very useful. Many houses have a covered patio. And all the householders give unbelievable attention to the covered patio equipment. In the summer, you can enjoy coffee with friends, inviting guests to grill, reading books, drinking some cool drinks in the surroundings of candles. It can create a magical atmosphere. All this does not happen in the living room, where it is hot and sultry, but on the covered patio.

the covered patio

The covered patio, especially in the summer season, can add value to the home and represent a great way to spend a nice evening under the stars with your friends or to relax in the irresistible scents of aromatic plants and flowers.

the top covered patio


If you choose to take advantage of this idea mainly during the summer months, the decor of a covered patio may be with wicker, wood, wrought iron.

 more covered patios

In this case, pots, plants, flower beds, lanterns, lamps, and candles come to fruition that will make the relaxed and romantic atmosphere. and it’s one of the most important covered patio ideas.

the best covered patio


If the intention is to use the covered patio throughout all year, it is important to make this space functional, welcoming and livable.

Covered patio ideas

The design of a covered patio may resonate with the rest of the house design, or not. It can be built in the classical style and can have a fantasy decor. For the construction of a covered patio, a variety of materials is involved, from the stone to the plastic. The main condition for the design of it is its beauty and romanticism.

the cool covered patio

Before reading about best covered patio ideas and decorations, The first step to decorate a covered patio adding luxury sofas and armchairs which have to be comfortable and welcoming and it will be a focal point. For the winter, there must be a heating source, either a fireplace, a pallet or wood stove, or a heat exchanger.

a nice covered patio

Among the best ideas to decorate covered patio is to create a sitting room with overlying wooden structure, to add curtains or fabrics, which will create shadow areas. You can use the popular rustic style with straw or thatched roofs

Patio cover ideas

With a simple structure in the form of a roof mounted on support posts, you can have your covered patio.

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some good covered patios
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For supports, you can use wood, metal pipes with a different cross-section, as well as columns made of bricks. The metal style and the wooden beam are also used to assemble the frame.

the amazing covered patio

There is a variety of material for covering a patio. It is the roof that gives the structure a certain appearance. It can be fabrics, plastic, straw, asbestos, cement, metal, copper sheets, corrugated board, polycarbonate.

a great covered patio

Thanks to a number of unique properties, polycarbonate is the most popular as a cover for a patio. This material is much superior to metal and glass, not inferior to them in the environment and durability.

Covered patio designs

Do not miss this great selection of images that will give you interesting ideas for the decoration of your patio.

about covered patio

The size

large covered patio
made by mood

You will have to take the necessary steps to know exactly what space you want to cover.

The awnings

Retractable awnings are usually flexible so you can extend or remove them depending on the needs of sun and shade you can use it at any time.

awnings covered patio

It can be installed directly on the side wall to cover a part of the patio, but you also have other models more comfortable and much more versatile.

a smart covered patio

There are awnings that are like umbrellas and that manage to perfectly cover the areas that you choose with a structure of four legs. With a sturdy structure and very elegant, you will have an area of your patio completely covered by the awning.


about the covered patio


There is nothing like the classic look and the feeling of wood. It is very appropriate for this type of structures and it is very versatile and can be painted to suit your taste.

a good covered patio
dig this design

A covered patio by a natural wood ceiling with fireplace and stone columns that matches the design of the rustic fireplace will make a great design.

a new covered patio

A cover of bamboo canes is a very interesting alternative that manages to resemble the wood.

Tips and ideas for decorating

covered patio ideas

A covered patio should not necessarily be in the entrance of the house; It can also installed at anywhere in your patio.

more cool covered patio
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The covered patio could also be equipped with ceiling fans, swing, sofa set and mosquito net or curtains that will make summer evenings cooler and more enjoyable.

climbing plants covered patio

The covered patio is also perfect for hanging some climbing plants or vines. In this way, you will also get a greater shadow with natural beauty.

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easy ideas for covered patio

Since its main function is to protect, you can opt for the placement of covered patio on the areas which are more to be spoiled by the weather conditions.

covered patio designs

You can use flower pots or baskets to get a more modern and elegant decoration. You can give a much more solid base using the stone or brick. you can also opt for original or modern ceilings with curved shapes.


covered patio tips
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Beautiful lights will allow you to enjoy the patio during the nights. Usually, the use of lights will depend on the size of the entire patio.

covered patio types
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There are several indirect lighting options that blend perfectly with the landscape. You can use soft lighting that maintains a pleasant and fresh atmosphere.

covered patio lighting


best of covered patio
joyce flood architect

For the furniture, you can also use those of synthetic fibers. They will save you great work in the matter of periodic repairs and maintenance.

top nice covered patio
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Covered patio plans

very nice covered patio
vaanam construction

The amount of material necessary for the structure should be determined. All calculations are made in accordance with the drawings and sketches. It is recommended to purchase the material in an amount of 5-10% more than calculated: this will quickly replace erroneously prepared or damaged items.

covered patio plan
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Materials required producing a wooden cover with a polycarbonate roof

The required amount of material depends on the length and width of the structure.

best covered patio typs
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  • A bar with a cross-section of 150×150 mm – for support racks and for horizontal beams of the frame.
  • Board for rafters runs with a section of 100 x 150 mm. The number depends on the distance between the rafters. For polycarbonate coating, a step of 0.5-0.7 m.
  • Fasteners, hardware, and Polycarbonate sheets.
covered patio tips


  • The points where the vertical support racks of the cover will be located. The height of the supports is taken equal to the height of the cover, taking into account the depth of the pillars by 55-60 cm.
  • The construction of the wooden frame starts from the inner row from the wall. The wooden beams are mounted to the support posts. To obtain the required length, the joists are joined together by means of metal plates.
one smart covered patio
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  • The position of the beams must be strictly horizontal. Fastening of beams to supports is carried out by screws. In addition, the beams are additionally attached to the wall of the house by fasteners.

you can also watch this video for some more help.



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