Best Balloon Decorations Ideas – DIY Balloon Decorations at Home

Balloon Decorations 

Balloons! There is an agreement among the whole universal upon balloon decorations for every party as a necessary element. The Different colors, forms, and shapes of Balloons. The lightness of its movement and the ability to rise from the ground that is what makes balloons dazzle everyone and make kids fascinated with it. As well as its suitable prices for everyone.


If you are going to host a party in your home and you have no idea how to make the perfect decoration. We can always help you by presenting some balloon decorations ideas. So you don’t have to worry about the balloon decorations of your party anymore. Here are some simple ideas can be easily made at home.


Beautiful decorations with balloons - Balloon decorations 2017

Cute balloon decorations idea

Balloon Decorations Ideas

You can make different shapes of animals for your children using balloons! Try one of these tips:

  • Blow the balloons and cut some pieces of colored paper the way you want it and stick it with a light sticker on the balloons to make the shapes you want!
  • Make balloons fly to the ceiling of the room with some pictures attached with them just like the pictures.
  • Collect seven colored balloons from the colors of the rainbow in one pack.
  • After you blow them, you can make them looking fancy by using some glue to put glitter on them.
  • Write the characters of the word PARTY on the balloons that will be installed outside your door.
  • Collect five balloons and attach them together to form a flower.
  • Fill the balloons with colored paper pieces before blowing them. Look the pictures.
  • Put some of the glow sticks inside the balloons before you blow them. This trick would be a great decoration at night parties, the garden, or at the pool.
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Balloon home decorations

Cute balloon decoration with pictures

Attach pictures to flying balloons decoration

DIY Balloon Decorations

Helium gas balloons are often very expensive. But all the children love it and always ask for its presence at their parties. However, you do not have to purchase helium gas cylinders to get helium balloons. You can produce helium gas at home by mixing some vinegar with sodium bicarbonate powder. Use an empty bottle and put a little quantity of vinegar in it. Then, put a little sodium bicarbonate powder in the empty balloon and then install the balloon eye on the bottle mouth. When the vinegar and sodium bicarbonate are mixed with each other they will produce helium gas to fill the balloon!

Hot air balloon decorations

The hot air balloon is a large balloon connected to the bottom of a basket. The main structure of the platform is leather or lightweight nylon that contains helium gas to lift it up. You can install one of these balloons in the garden. You can also decorate the balloons themselves by paint or nail polish, or beautifully attach flowers into the balloons collection like shown in the below pictures.

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Nail polished balloons decorations - DIY balloon decorations

Painting balloons for decorations

Attached flowers with balloons decorations

Ninja turtles balloon decorations

ninja turtles balloons decorations

NINJA turtles balloons decorations ideas

Minnie & Micky mouse balloon decorations

Look at these decorations ideas. You can easily find these balloon shapes at any party supplies shop!

Micky mouse balloons decorations

Minnie & Micky Mouse balloons decorations

Minnie & Micky Mouse balloons decorations

Minnie & Micky Mouse balloons decorations


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