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6 Easy Tree Removal Ideas

6 Easy Tree Removal Ideas

Although we don’t really like removing trees due to their million benefits, sometimes it is necessary to. do it. However, if you gonna remove one tree, then you may try some tree removal ideas instead of using a stump grinder or a tractor.

Yes, why not? there is a variety of ways to help you remove a tree stump by hand, you will just use a few tools found around you. If you like to know more about them, check these tree removal ideas.

Tree removal ideas

Among the many tree removal ideas I’ve tried before, I chose the faster and easiest for you so you can remove the tree with the least time and efforts or you can hire a Tree Removal Company do the job for you


1- The traditional way

Mainly, the most known way to remove a tree stump by hand is to start digging around it till you reach the major roots. Then use a saw to separate the major roots from the stump.

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After removing the whole stump, there will only be a few roots left, and they will gradually die by fungi.


2- Cut the stump then the roots

After cutting the stump and the roots are visible, start cutting them with a saw. Personally, I prefer a reciprocating saw, but you can still use a hand saw, an ax or even a chainsaw but make sure to stay away from rocks.


3- Pull with a vehicle

Another one of the easy tree removal ideas is to dig a big circle around the tree, tie a rope around the stump of the tree and use a 4 wheel drive vehicle to pull the whole tree from its roots.


4- Rot the tree

This technique is usually used when you are not in a hurry to remove the tree as rotting the tree can take some time as a year for example.

You can rot a tree naturally by putting a pile of compost over the stump. The tree will soon start to decompose due to the fungi in the compost but it will definitely take a year or longer. You can also cover the stump with a black bag or put some animals’ poop to speed up the task.

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On the other hand, you can use unnatural techniques to rot a stump of a tree like Epsom Salt, Potassium Nitrate


5- Remove the tree with Bleach or Muriatic Acid

Some people use bleach to kill the stump and thus remove the tree, while others use Muriatic Acid which is really useful but toxic at the same time.

This acid has a corrosive effect on human tissue and may cause serious problems to our respiratory organs, eyes, skin…


6- Burning the tree

Let’s say that this one of the top tree removal ideas. Cut as much as possible of the stump of the tree, and dig around the roots. Then put a burning material like fuel, then put the fire on till it is gone.


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