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Tree Pruning Tips & Techniques You Should Know About!

Tree Pruning Tips & Techniques You Should Know About!

Obviously, trimming and pruning the trees is necessary to keep them healthy and alive as well as eliminate dangerous dead branches, that’s why we do it at least once a year either by ourselves or by hiring a professional. It is not so hard if you wanna do it as you just have to learn the basics. In this article, you will find valuable trimming tips and pruning techniques that will really help you keep your trees healthy and maintain an excellent shape. So let’s read it, get the right equipment and start tree pruning.

As a professional, there is a lot of tree pruning and trimming techniques, but for you… you just need to know the reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree, the timing, and some Tree Pruning Tips.


Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

We trim trees once or twice a year for three reasons:

1- Aesthetics

Trees are usually beautiful, but sometimes they need some trimming and pruning to maintain their shape and appearance. However, you can’t do it randomly as excessive trimming and pruning can really hurt them.

2- Safety

Every year, we find some dead or broken branches and limbs. These things

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can obstruct a drivers vision, fall down anytime on someone or fall on the road causing a car accident or other serious safety hazards. To avoid such a problem, read some pruning tips and solve the problem or talk with a professional.

3- Health

Pruning away affected branches and limbs of a sick tree can really save it from a lot of problems and keep it healthy as well as thinning its crown is essential to facilitate airflow.

Winter Pruning Vs Summer Pruning

There is a big difference between winter and summer pruning. Winter pruning means pruning during dormancy, after the coldest part of winter is over. Here, we prune trees to stimulate new growth in the spring. However, summer pruning is mainly done to direct the growth by slowing the growth of unfavorable branches. It is done after the seasonal growth is complete.

General Tree Pruning Tips

There are a lot of tree pruning tips, but these are the most important ones. we can also recommended best Tree Service Portland Oregon that would help you to do the job for you.

1- To keep your tree healthy and stimulate its growth, trim it during its dormant season, except in case of a serious hazard.

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2- Checking the size before trimming is important, as it is okay to trim a branch which is less than five centimeters in diameter, but if it is bigger then you have to think twice and not do it except for a strong reason.

3- Weak, V-shaped, narrow angles are better removed, but try to keep the strong, U-shaped angles ones.

4- Branches that cross each other must be eliminated.

5- Keeping enough branches near the bottom half helps the tree develops a strong stem, so don’t remove them all.

6- Remove any lateral branches of diameter bigger than one-half and three-quarters the diameter of the stem at the point of attachment, and keep them evenly spaced as much as possible.

7- Experts advice that the ratio of living crown to tree height after the end of pruning must be two-thirds.

8- Prune your trees every year so you trim the branches when they are young to avoid leaving scars or damages.


Follow these tree pruning tips, and you will do it.


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