20 White Kitchens With Dark Floors Ideas

White Kitchens

Many people prefer recently to choose the white kitchens designs according to modern decor trends for 2016. White color, trendy and stylish and color for enjoy of the serenity, luxury and fits all styles such as classic and modern models and also for the rustic designs.
The white color is very excellent for use in home interior decoration, especially in the kitchen, but you must consider that white in all kitchen design can give a cool and dull look when used on furniture, walls, and floors. It is the preferred choice of white kitchen with dark floors. Therefore, we will show you the latest white kitchen designs with dark floors and will give you some tips that help you to choose the successful and distinctive decoration for the white kitchens:

White Kitchens With Dark Floors

1. black and white kitchens:
Mix the white and black of the stylish suggestions for kitchen decorations 2016, particularly if the white kitchens with black floors, kitchen seem more elegant beauty.

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white and black kitchen
Black and white kitchen

2. Add other colors:
add aesthetic touches of other colors such as entry the violet color in white kitchen decor or use some colorful accessories for decoration for make more vital kitchen and gives more beauty and elegance.

beautiful White Kitchens
colorful accessories ideas for white kitchen

3. mixing of wooden furniture:
Integrate elements of wood in furniture for your kitchen it is one of the brilliant ideas like using wood with kitchen cabinets and parquet floors or furniture such as chairs and table. This makes a balance between the decoration and furniture of the kitchen.

creative white kitchens
kitchen wooden furniture

4. avoid using white floors with white kitchen:

the white color impractical for the kitchen, because quick and dirty kitchen floors, for this you should choose either stone or tile flooring, wood parquet. This is more in line with the white color and it looks more elegant.

beautiful kitchen design
white kitchen with dark floor

5. Enter the silver color or use the “stainless steel”:
The silver color of most colors that suit the particular white kitchen especially when using stainless steel decorations painted in brilliant white.
You can also use a gas oven or refrigerator with black or silver color to create an integrated with white decor

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Modern kitchen
kitchen interior decorating ideas

the most important advantages and disadvantages of white kitchens:
1. This is a color suitable for anytime, stylish and fashionable
2. neat and tidy color and comfort for the eye.
3. suitable for the classic and modern style.
4. suitable for all spaces, particularly small kitchen spaces and tight, it gives a feeling of more space.
5. can mix with any color, color is flexible and compatible with all the bright colors and bold.
As for the disadvantages of white kitchens: the main disadvantage of white kitchens defects is that the color of fast dirt, pollution and needs constantly cleaning it more measured that it accumulates fat cuisine and convert to color yellowing over time.

black & white kitchen
simple white kitchen design
contemporary white kitchens
contemporary white kitchen with black floor
kitchen ideas
kitchen wooden floor
kitchen with dark floor
kitchen design with island
kitchen with Dark hardwood floor
unique kitchen with hardwood floor

modern kitchen room

Modern kitchens 2016

Modern White Kitchens With Dark Floors

simple kitchen design

warm kitchen

white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen interior design

luxury kitchen design

white kitchen with island

White Kitchens With Dark Floors



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