Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Invitation Templates & Wording Ideas

Wedding invitation

The wedding invitation design is your first impression and the window on your wedding party style. so you must be chosen it in a manner which takes into consideration all the criteria in your wedding in accordance with your budget.
Your wedding is fast approaching, and you want to send the invitations to your guests? Be aware, however, that most people don’t have often desire and pleasure to participate in your golden wedding. It is a special invitation to the wedding. So you have a special focus on the design and choose an attractive and stylish invitation. In this article on our blog, ” DecorationY” will find useful tips we show you here what you should pay attention and the details that must be taken into consideration when choosing the wedding invitation templates and wording ideas according to the latest trends in 2016.

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1. Determine your wedding style
You must have an idea of the event that you want style, classic and sleek or contemporary and modern before you start shopping for a selection of the wedding cards, so you can choose the style of card is compatible with the style of the wedding, browse photos and websites for online wedding cards to get the idea that you want.

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DIY wedding invitation

2. Colors and latest wedding trend:
Think about the colors of the wedding. you may want to combine colors and this goes back to your desire. If you prefer the classic trend you can pick the cream ivory color or white cards associated with a black line or a classic choice for gold and informal wedding colors ideas are a never ending fashion. the popular invitations colors this season is fall of pastels and bright colors like purple and red. also the idea of drilling on the card or laser cut and manipulate the shape and size of the latest trend this year.
Keep in mind that the selection of funky card size could increase the cost of the card because it is designed specifically for you.

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3. wedding invitation words ideas:
when You choose the wedding invitation template and color , not to forget a beautiful wording, written text and the information placed on the invitation card where it’s what matters in the first place. In General, avoid using light ink color on light backgrounds and black ink on dark backgrounds. Yellow and pastel colors are difficult to read, so if you want these colors, make sure to choose a background color contradictory enough to highlight writing or top those colors in design rather than text. Avoid also the lines that are difficult to read. As the matter also, neat font choice should be easy to read also.

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