Top 15 staircase design that will inspire you

staircase design

The staircase is not just a way to navigate between levels of the House. The staircase is one of the elements of architectural designs for modern home interior designs. Nowadays design stairs became a contribution to the improvement of home interior decoration and gave modern atmosphere.


Including steel stairs winding and straights, all designs draw attention to shape and reflect the architectural style of the home, either classic or modern and trendy. Types of stairs are installed on concrete, wood of the crucifixion or transparent glass that has become pervasive in the designs of modern homes. And the staircase design can be without a handrail for creative reasons.
When choosing the home, interior staircase design must be compatible with the highest safety standards for members of the House. And also, choose a suitable design for home space you must pick the space cleverly stairs should not occupy more than half of drawer space to be perfect design highlights the beauty of the place


In this article, we give you a tour of 15 superb house architecture design dependent of the staircase design significantly:

staircase design ideas

Architecture designs

Modern staircase design at home can give you an aesthetic touch to the place, but you must merge the beauty of design with the security check.
Safety is an important issue when it comes to stairs. Although they certainly differ in importance depending on the user. For example, a very modern stairs without railings can be ideal for young, but the tray itself is a problem when used by children or the elderly, who need a handrail for support, security, and integrity of their lives.

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awesome stairs design

One of the critical design stages is to ensure the durability of staircase design, if the architect of your home determines the type of stairs like wood or metal or glass, and decide on the optimal use of space. For example, if the engineer works in a small room and closed, is the best choice for spiral or vertical ladders. In the large open room, but several possibilities.

beautiful staircase design

contemporary house interior design

The staircase is often one of the most striking elements in the House, it’s usually a great design and striking, especially when some homeowners choose the layout of the usual wooden stairs in the same color as the walls or floors. There are several holiday ideas to exploit space under stairs with storage ideas and variety to give a neat appearance with stairs and at the same time intelligent solution for storage purposes and take advantage of the spaces.


contemporary staircase design

One of the most popular types of staircase design in modern architectural homes is a floating staircase. So it appears this design as it floats in the air. But must carry weight and vertical support address. Although it seems that these steps have a small load, floating staircase can carry weight up to 200 kg. This beautiful and inspiring design

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creative home staircase design

home interior design

Spiral stairs typically take less space in the home, because it wraps around the vertical bar like a spiral wrap. If you can climb ladders, you’ll connect with every step, and very inconvenient when you wear a large object such as a laundry basket or even a child. Spiral stairs look great, but rather uncomfortable and rarely specified.

modern staircase design

modern staircase

staircase design architecture

staircase design ideas

staircase design

Some designers and architects have used the space under the stairs as an open shelf system. You can even see the library between levels. If you turn off the railing and handrail along the wall, lets you build small niches, where you can make statues, vases and other decorative items.

stylish stairs architecture

unique stairs design

white stairs design

In the end, we recommend choosing an ergonomic design in the first place and contemporary design in the second place, comfort and safety are more important than the staircase design.


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