Sunken Living Room Design Ideas for 2018

In recent year we have witnessed a great revival of vintage and retro style as a living room design. If you’re an avid reader of our articles, you will be already familiar with the growing trend of using mid-century living room (decor and designs), trendy living room color schemes, the most popular types of couches and sofas, and best living room chairs types. But when it comes to interior design and decoration, the sunken rooms are the biggest and boldest visual statement in 2018!

sunken living room ideas

Our past article about the sunken living room was titled with the question (did you know the sunken living room is today’s trend?). we have given you the first tips about sunken living room ideas and types in it, and we are now about to give you some more ideas and pieces of information in this article.

Sunken living room

cool sunken living room

Today we want to introduce you to some amazing ideas for sunken living room design, namely the sunken living room that will really impress you. They give us an excellent visual scheme and a feeling of inviting warmth. The sunken living areas bring a new life to your interior thanks to innovative architects who successfully combine old and new.

Sunken living room floor plans

sunken living room ideas

Sunken living room consists of a section of the floor of a room, which is planned architecturally in a lower position than the rest of the room, about 70-90 cm, lower. Its perimeter is usually made up of seats that usually consist of a continuous seat with individual cushions, and often has a table or hearth (fire) in the center, although not always. The seats are arranged around the fire or central table, when it exists and, very often, the seats cover the entire perimeter of the area, except for the space occupied by the access steps.

Sunken living room retro furniture

sunken living room designs

Look at the designs from the 1960s and ’70s furniture back and choose the pieces that are solid and heavy and emphasize the space. Look for a sofa, chairs and coffee table that sit near the floor, but they are not too bulky. If you prefer a minimalist and modern look, mid-century modern-style wood furniture helps lighten the mood of a sunken living space.

Sunken living room decoration

sunken living room ideas

A sunken living room can have a floor that is different from the rest of the open living space, without seeming to be bold. Sometimes just a simple change in the grain of the wood or even in the marble tint can have a great visual effect.

sunken living room colors

The choice of soft materials, for your upholstery of furniture and floors, will make the area cozy and attractive. Covering your sofa and placing some cushions on it adds comforts to the room. With a shaggy rug on the floor, the spirit of modernity sure will appear in the decoration. As a contrast to this comfortable area, paint the walls with a light color and install wall sconces that reflect the light on the ceiling instead of using hard direct lighting.

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Sunken living room designs

sunken living room ideas

Sunken floors provide an opportunity to design an intimate living room experience. The color scheme you choose, combined with your creativity, can successfully bring a sunk living room features in elegance and modernity.

Sunken living room steps

sunken living room ideas

Living rooms can be sunken for a variety of reasons, but the steps that lead to the room can be used for more than just a way to reach another level of the house. Install the upholstered cushions as they fit the steps to create a similar bench seating area. If you are working on a tight budget, simply buy some large pillows or sew your own and place them along the steps of the sunken living room.

Sunken living room with fireplace

amazing sunken living room ideas 25

It is necessary to speak about fireplaces as a perfect idea to use in the sunken living room. The fireplace in the living room is one of the most elements that attract 90% of the guests’ attention, creating a unique atmosphere. In general, a fireplace is recommended for every living room. Many people are usually concerned about the safety problems connected with fireplaces, but all these disturbances can be safely left behind since today there is a large selection of electric fireplaces that are absolutely safe.

sunken living room colors

However, the presence of a fireplace as a center of attention does not mean that it is worth to exclude the second most popular element of the living room. Of course, we mean the TV. You can easily combine them in a single living room.

Basement sunken living room

sunken living room ideas

You can increase the space of your house by installing the sunken living room in the basement it is one of the best-finished basement ideas. you will also find sunken living room in the basement very cozy and warmer than any other places in the house that is all because of the special location of the basement, it is closed, almost have no windows, and it is a very good environment to add creative touches of your own.

sunken living room ideas

And you can maximize low natural light by using white or other light colors on the walls and metallic details that reflect it, like mirrors, and metal objects for the decoration.

Circular sunken living room

sunken living room ideas

For circular sunken rooms, the possibilities are endless. Among all of the designs of the sunken living room, the round living room is one of the most striking. The curved sofas for this kind of rooms must be made by measure. Maybe it is not easy to achieve, but when finally installed it will show the luxury at first glance.

Winter gazebo sunken living room

sunken living room ideas

A well-glazed porch which is isolated from the outside is a room that screams for a relaxation area stocked with comfortable sofas. Installing a sunken living room in this place will be amazing. Being in a sunken area will avoid covering the views and the plants will receive their daily ration of sunlight.

Summer houses sunken living room

new sunken living room ideas

The general acceptance of the open floor plan has led both interior designers and homeowners to come up with new ways to delineate areas and create clear boundaries between transition areas. The sunken living rooms are the perfect way to break through the monotony of the open floor plan and to be sure at the same time that space still remains visually airy and homogeneous.

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sunken living room ideas

When architects designed some modern summer houses, they decided that the visibility of the view through the house was important. They tried to provide an uninterrupted view through the house on both sides and the only way they were able to do this was to sink the living room down so that the top of the furniture sits with the floor; therefore they managed to achieve their idea.

Smart sunken living room

amazing sunken living room

Sunken living room could also have some smart uses, like to hide the facilities. Sometimes, this class of rooms could be used for purely technical reasons, when the floors being elevated in certain areas to hide, for example, pipes in front of the fireplace so, it will create a perfect chance to use a sunken living room smartly if the owner of this house opt for installing a sunken room in this place it will be a very warm room.

Sunken living room safety

sunken living room ideas


If the floor of the room was deeply sunken, it is possible to consider the installation of a railing along the dimensions of the sunken living room to ensure safety or to add a decorative touch. Depending on your style, you can choose ornate bronze or wrought iron railings or opt for a number of handrails of modern stainless steel with thin wires that almost seem invisible.

sunken living room ideas

If you have a railing around the sunken living room or a wall with fitted wardrobes, it could be safer and possibly avoid danger to unsuspecting guests, children and the elderly.

One of the best ideas that the designers have come up with to prevent a risk of unwanted accidents is the use of indoor plants. They are a nice border for the sunken area. These also add a lot of freshness to the living room and make sure that any person could move freely not just stumbling on the steps. The sunken living rooms create an exciting feeling and bring exclusivity to your home so with this safety options you can have a sunken living room at your home without any worries about accidents.

The final words

sunken living room ideas


In conclusion, it should be noted that such a technique as lowering the level of any zone is a fairly universal solution from the point of view of designers. They made the modern version of the sunken living room is more likely to be a step-down living room, where the difference in elevation in the sunken area and surroundings are less pronounced. Often the difference in elevation levels is only 3 to 4 levels and that makes the sunken living rooms even more attractive!



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