16 Best Star Wars Bedroom Ideas & Bed Sets

Star Wars Bedroom

Having a star wars bedroom in your house is such an amazing dream for star wars fans.

If you are a fan or you want to make a fancy change in your house. So, you have a perfect reason to read this article. We will present here the perfect star wars bedroom, which will leave a great impression on all your bedroom visitors.

a cool star wars bedroom

The fiction universe of Star Wars affects both adults and children alike. This saga is so rich with its decorative elements which will help you have a bedroom of the fantasy world as star wars!

The Walls

a star wars bedroom

Walls are a very important part of the star wars bedroom decor. it can reflect much of your imagination through different colors and decorative objects. Wallpaper, painting, photographs, mirrors and other items help you create the star wars environment in the bedroom.

a good star wars bedroom

It is very fashionable to decorate the walls with large images, posters, wallpapers or wall stickers. You can also associate several stickers on a starry painting.

about the star wars bedroom

The neutral gray and white are the ideal basis for unusual color combinations, accents, and designs of star wars bedroom.

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star wars bedroom
classy clutter

You can print some of the famous sentences used in the movie and put them into a special metal frame and you can add some lighting for this frame and then you can hang it on the wall to decorate it.

nice and great star wars bedroom
design trends

Try to use black and white colors when printing the sentences it will be more effective in the star wars wall decor.

Star Wars bedroom Accessories

Sleeping with Star Wars coverage is already a great decoration!

a nice star wars bedroom
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There are plenty of products derived from the saga. Bed covers, cushions, duvet covers, curtains, carpets and even clocks.

a great star wars bedroom

With different statues of the main characters from the film which could be presented on walls and shelves. You can always use any of those ideas in your bedroom.

The lighting

an amazing star wars bedroom

You can use the fancy lamps of the lightsabers, pendulum lamp, standing or wall light which are replicas of the traditional Star Wars weapon like the light sword.

about the star wars bedroom

The lighting masks of Darth Vader and Sturmtruppler can also be seen on the walls as a special decoration of the star wars bedroom.

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If you like to make the lightsabers by yourself I think you will like this video

The doors

Doors are a very important element for the decoration of the bedroom. it can add more charm and imaginary look to the decor.

nice and cool star wars bedroom
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Using the doors by the creative way will give a great help in changing the look of the bedroom.

more of star wars bedroom

The doors incorporated in the walls or sliding doors decorated as from a spaceship are the best choice to use.

Star wars bed

the best star wars bedroom

You can arrange star wars bed with a fantastic decoration by following some simple tips.

  • Bed set, covers, sheets, and cushions give that special touch to the bed.
top of star wars bedroom
  • R2D2, storm troopers, Darth Vader, Yoda, having a picture of any one of them printed on the bedding will make an ordinary bed look as star wars bedding for a cool bed.
all fine star wars bedroom
One the best star wars bed designs and room decor ideas | angles list
  • You can also go for buying a custom made star wars bed with the right decorating ideas like these ones you can make the best star wars room decor ever.
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