Stamped Concrete Des Moines: The New Era of using Concrete in Decoration

Stamped concrete floors are a new doctrine for the establishment and implementation of surrounding floors or corridors within gardens or swimming pools as well as outdoor sidewalks.

It is an ideal method for sidewalks because of their variety and colors, which can be configured and installed according to the requirements of the designer engineer, and they are characterized by different forms designed as copies of different finishing methods such as natural rocks, bricks and granite stones with coarse surfaces and various different forms taken from paving methods that use different materials. Because of the unlimited use of colors, these wide options for designers and architects have provided ideal opportunities for creativity and innovation, and printed concrete can be used both indoors and externally for use in restaurant halls, public cafes and even trade fairs.

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This method has given the architect new additions. Some designers have added more than one material to show innovative methods of flooring. Natural stone is mixed with printed concrete as well as ceramics, porcelain, burnt bricks or granite in various forms.

Making this innovative method achieve dimensions that never existed before.

The infinite diversity in terms of colors, shapes and surfaces and the mixing of materials is an ideal opportunity to give the designer the perfect tools for creativity and innovation, in order to suit the dimensions of the place, its configurations and its different spaces, whether those formations and spaces, internal or external, and evolved into a new tool in different building facades.

The mechanism of stamped concrete des moines

The mechanism used in the production of stamped concrete des moines is usually 10 cm thick and is armed with at least 6 mm iron, poured on prepared sand and ready for casting so as not to cause future decline.

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After casting, and before the concrete dried, spray concrete and reinforced concrete to blend with the surface of the concrete. Before the final stage, paint powder is sprayed to prevent adhesion of rubber masks.

The first is to prevent the adhesion of rubber masks to the concrete and to give the color to the concrete, then the desired shape of the seals are chosen by the client and the concrete is sealed in the required forms. After the concrete dry after about three days, the concrete washing process begins with the use of ordinary brooms and water.

An important point is the degree of washing, which will determine the degree of aging required. If the washing is strong, it will wash the aging material so that the aging material will look light and vice versa.

The degree of washing skill is controlled by the worker and the desire of the customer who chose the color of the models offered to him.

After washing, we come with a waxing and polishing substance concrete that works as a layer to protect concrete from drinking water or unwanted oils and materials. It also works to protect the sun and to accentuate the color layer more beautifully. It also gives a beautiful shine on the concrete that can last from six months to a year.

At Amstutz Concrete are specialized in the establishment of Stamped Concrete des moines, and our team has the experience and skill to execute large projects and projects of any size on time and without delay. Amstutz Concrete is not only proficient in the execution of projects and projects, And the special ability to innovate excellence, so that they receive the ideas and perceptions of the client, and formulation and come up with new and modern ideas to give special character to your property and gardens with innovative designs signed by Amstutz Concrete.


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