How to planning a small kitchen – 5 Tips and tricks

Planning Small Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? Don’t worry you can still improve your narrow and small kitchen layout. Discover good tips and tricks for a success narrow and small kitchen layout through this article.


planning small kitchen


For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment: for dinner, cooking, to be together. But many kitchens are so small that the daily cooking is quickly complicated. We show you 5 simple tricks and tips for the best planning for your narrow and small kitchen so that with the right interior design from your small kitchen is a homely designed storage space miracle.

When you start planning your kitchen there are several little tips and tricks you must consider. and this modern kitchen cabinets ideas will be perfect for you.

How to plan your small kitchen:

1. kitchen interiors color:
Stay away from dark colors to avoid a feeling of smallness. Choose from light colors or pastel colors, but stay away from black or any dark colors. This applies to walls or ceramic or hardwood floors and ceilings. Preferably white ceiling to give more space and wide.

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narrow kitchen design
narrow kitchen interior design idea


2- kitchen appliances

Each room offers other ways to arrange the small kitchen appliances and cabinets. make sure that you use the least storage space as possible. Right next to the sink, you should attach possible working surfaces: to wash fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare following next door unless you have to travel long distances. You should place heat sources such as furnace or stove but never directly next to the refrigerator: the heat is transferred to the electrical appliances and ensures that they consume more energy to maintain the cooling temperature.

small kitchen tips
kitchen furniture ideas for small space

3-Planning the distances in the small kitchen:

The distances between the individual cooking and cooking stations in small kitchens should generally be usefully planned to maximize the available space. If you have a kitchen with two opposite rows, ensure that at least 1.20 m is placed between the lines so you all cabinets can open far enough. Your kitchen is narrow, so you can try to place only tables and cabinets on one side: both can be made at a lower depth so that you save in place here.

small kitchen ideas
modern kitchen decorating ideas

4- L-shaped kitchen design:
You should place frequently used devices to not to stand in the way.
If your L-shaped kitchen is installed, you can use the corner makes sense: to place a work surface between stove and sink. On the unused part of the surface can keep cooking utensils such as onion basket or wooden spoon. Between the standing position in front of the stove and the sink, a distance of around 80 cm should be so that you have plenty of room to move.

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small kitchen planning
Cozy small kitchen planning ideas

5- sophisticated solutions for more storage units:

To give no storage units, the best any gap should be filled. Ceiling cabinets or boxes on the upper cabinets absorb bulky Bakeware, cutlery finds its place in a basket at your table and terminal blocks are fitted with the various kitchen utensils on the insides of the doors. Think also about an extraordinary arrangement of kitchen appliances! A stove may be placed in cupboards or drawers. The device is located at a height of approximately 1.10 m which is ideal and spared the backstroke for ergonomic reasons often.

The small kitchen can be converted to a special space in your home through previous tips and some smart tricks.


  1. I live in a 396 sq ft apt with a small kitchen with stove & fridge. Sink has 2 12″ work spaces on either side. I would like either a rectangular bar height table or a small island on the wall opposite to sink & Stove. What do you think. I cannot paint. I cannot move appliances. One wall is basically small counters with sink in middle & then stove. Fridge is perpendicular to this sink/stove area


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